martedì 29 giugno 2010

reds - initial wash

geraniums in a copper pot

this is a crop of an initial watercolour wash on a full sheet i painted last week... it's unfinished ... working at this scale is new for me ..i'm experimenting ...i like the freedom it gives ...i need alot of practice .

lunedì 21 giugno 2010

ADRIANA BUGGINO - Mostra di Fiori in Acquarello - Padenghe del Garda

"......... L'aqua porta a galla la nostra creatività , emozioni ed intuizione ."
"....The water brings/carries to the surface our creativity emotions and intuition. " 

 At the weekend we visited an exhibition of watercolour flowers by Adrianna Buggino at Lake Garda . Her  transparent watercolours are  so very beautiful so loose and free ......  here is a link to her site ,

lunedì 14 giugno 2010

initial sketch mountains - Piccole Dolomite

"initial sketch"
Italian Pre- Alps

this is an intial sketch made from thumbnail sketches i made yesterday in the mountains part of my course work i have to paint a mountain scene ...  IL FUMATE means "smokey"... the mountain tops are always covered in clouds  ..this is a start .. it's really stretching me ..i loved the two small openings above the submits

martedì 8 giugno 2010

Castello Duino - Trieste

"sketch of Castello Duino"
 by my daughter Gloria

"sketching together" ... pages to treasure from a small colourful sketchbook of mine that my youngest daughter loved sketching in when we explored the coastline last are a couple of links  Castello Duino and Castello di Duino

a couple of my very quick pen plein air sketches

"roman ruins"  Castello Duino

"water tower" further along the coast

sabato 5 giugno 2010

wild thistle


there are so many beautiful wild flowers in the fields at the moment ..... this is a study i painted today of a single thistle with no pencil .

venerdì 4 giugno 2010

onions sketch

"onions "

inspired by a wonderful article in " the artist" magazine march 2010 Geometric forms  by Hilary Page on introduction to massing with an onion demonstration.....................
i painted this quickly whilst waiting for the water to boil for pasta .... you can see where i had to stop painting and cook !