giovedì 23 settembre 2010

vendemmia - vintage


" vendemmia"
watercolour study i


watercolour study ii

.....a couple of studies/sketches i made  in the vineyard before we vintage this week .....just two vines have red leaves which are incredibly beautiful with the purples of the red grapes 

giovedì 2 settembre 2010

watching together - portrait


"watching together"

...... over the summer i've been looking at sketches studies and portraits i've painted over the last few years i wanted to share this  portrait i painted at the beginning of  2009 of my youngest daugther and her aunt ..they are very close.... at the time i was pleased with it as it was the first time i'd tried to paint a double portrait ..... i painted it in one hit ....i used maimeri  cad red raw sienna and cerl blue ... i can see mistakes but i still like this study... i have a lot to learn and hope one day to capture the likeness of my daughters.