domenica 11 gennaio 2015


“It takes one hundred washes just to begin the journey” - Maggie Latham

I am sure many people will remember Maggie Latham's ONE HUNDRED WASHES CHALLENGE blog from  Oct 2010 to Oct 2011 with artists Maggie Latham , Olivia Quintin , Christy Lemp  , Suzanne Lindfield , Theresa Evans , Vandy Massey and Jane Minter.

A new  WASH A WEEK CHALLENGE blog "washing machine"
has been started by Olivia Quintin with Vandy Massey
 you can read about  the new challenge and artists here

  I am happy to have been invited to join this new watercolour wash challenge. The participating artists Olivia Quintin ,  Christy Lemp , Vandy Massey , Lori Bentley , Lorraine BrownIsabella Kramer and Jane Minter will post a watercolour wash each week throughout the year . In addition each month there will be a open monthly challenge for everyone to join in with is the link to JANUARY,S CHALLENGE - "washes with sponges " ... we hope you join us .

On a personal note I wish my fellow bloggers and readers a very creative and  Happy New Year .