venerdì 28 gennaio 2011

winter woodland scene - watercolour class

"winter woodland scene"
inspired by Marina Marcolin
1/4 sheet arches 300g

wanted to share this  basic snow scene of a winter woodland scene i painted at class following my tutor's Marina Macolin demo ...i'm  finding each lesson  invaluable to practice and to just excercise various techniques brushstrokes and  approaches .

mercoledì 26 gennaio 2011

salt - watercolour wash



 wash # 30
quin gold + indanthrene blue + perylene (W & N)
canson fontenay 32 x 41 cm

experimenting with "wet on dry" and "wet in wet"  watercolour wash with fine salt

lunedì 24 gennaio 2011

sunflower - watercolour wash - wash # 27


watercolour wash # 27
32 x 41cm canson fontenay  300g   

quin gold + perylene maroon + indanthrene blue initial wash no pencil combined "wet on dry" and "wet in wet"  adding a small amount of salt and spraying a little water  creating an  underpainting for a sunflower .

venerdì 21 gennaio 2011

watercolour wash - wash # 26


wash # 26
watercolour inital wash

viridian + al crimson + sienna 

.....posting another watercolour wash which i  painted recently as part of the one hundred wash challenge

mercoledì 19 gennaio 2011

tree seeds


" tree seeds"
10.5 x 15.5cm small initial study/wash
Montval cansons

....these small beautiful circular tree seeds are everywhere in the woods ...i have no idea of the name of these seeds or tree is one of a few washes i made of them... painting from life .

mercoledì 12 gennaio 2011

old man's beard + rosehips + catkins - photos

"old man's beard + catkins "

"old man's beard "


"rosehips + snow "

....after reading a couple of the comments on my last post thought i'd post a few of my photos  .....for those who aren't familiar with old man's beard "clematis vitalba".... it is also known  as traveller's joy .

sabato 8 gennaio 2011

old man's beard and rosehips


"old man's beard and rosehips"
 initial wash
20x50cm vangrow torchon

.......wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR with the first post of the new year