venerdì 21 gennaio 2011

watercolour wash - wash # 26


wash # 26
watercolour inital wash

viridian + al crimson + sienna 

.....posting another watercolour wash which i  painted recently as part of the one hundred wash challenge

13 commenti:

Hilda R.B ha detto...

Truly, truly beautiful. I like it a lot.

Amanda Spencer ha detto...

I really really like this Jane, wonderful textures and colour combination :-)

Ann Buckner ha detto...

This is gorgeous with such movement.

Sandra ha detto...

I like it very much too! I visited the 100 wash site and was delighted by the huge and inspiring variety of washes it has to offer!

Sadami ha detto...

Dear Jane,
Wow, beautiful! Congratulations!!
Cheers, Sadami

Christiane Kingsley ha detto...

Nice abstract of frost-covered cherries? :-) I really like the colors and the effect.

Susan Liles ha detto...

Very beautiful, love it!

blogavante ha detto...

Bellísima. Me gustan los colores

Olivia ha detto...

Jane, tu as toujours beaucoup de délicatesse dans le traitement humide dans l'humide. Ce choix de couleur est un bonheur total !!! Bises.

Carlos León ha detto...

I love this; great!!

jane minter ha detto...

hilda thankyou for looking and your kind words ...will take time to look at your photos.

hi there amanda i really like what happened in areas...thankyou so much !

hello anna thankyou used alot of water .

olivia thankyou for all of your encouragement on all of these washes !

hi sandra thankyou's an inspiring challenge glad you are following.

dear sadami thankyou as always .

christiane will keep looking at this one ..can see different things ...thankyou

hi susan thankyou so very much !

blogvante hello and welcome i really appreciate your comment.

hi carlos big thankyou ! ..really enjoyed painting this.

Cobalt Violet ha detto...

So yummy!!!! I love it!

jane minter ha detto...

thankyou ! lucinda