lunedì 31 ottobre 2011

watercolour wash # 100

watercolour wash # 100 
" a section of  my daughter's abacus" 
painted may 2010

Posting my last watercolour wash  # 100  ! ...from the  ONE HUNDRED WASHES CHALLENGE  .... a huge thankyou to my fellow "washers"  Maggie ,Suzanne ,Theresa, Olivia ,Vandy and Christy .... I feel as if I've only just started this challenge ...will miss all of  you.  I hope there will be a similiar challenge in the future.  

A very special thankyou to Maggie Latham who had the initial idea for this challenge ,setting  it up and bringing us together as a group on this joint challenge's been so inspiring and I have learnt so much with you all  ...wishing Maggie all the very best for her new personal challenge of 1000 Washes.

venerdì 28 ottobre 2011


I'm dishearted it's just been brought to my attention a crop of one of my paintings of poinsettas "Stella di Natale"  has been posted today  and used by a blogger the link is below's very sad to see someone posting your artwork and saying they have painted it ...I ask  why ? and  What is the point ?
Copyright is an issue .....

I used my painting of "Stella di Natale"  Poinsettas  last year for e-mail cards and  a limited number of printed  christmas cards.

here's a copy of laurie's post with my painting of poinsetta's cropped

home made books and foggy mornings,

This is a painting I did a couple of weeks ago,, I was puddling around with Christmas card ideas.This is so very Christmas predictable isn't it.
I want something much more,,, mine.

my original post : 


"stella di natale" poinsettias

12 commenti:

Kat Farmer ha detto...
this is beautiful, great wet in wet, lovely and christmassy...
Jean Haines ASWA ha detto...
STUNNING JANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jane minter ha detto...
kat thankyou so much ... happy christmas! jean THANKYOU !
Stephie Butler ha detto...
I loved this the minute you posted it in your sketchbook Jane...One of my favourites of yours, perfect in every way... Stephie
jane minter ha detto...
a big thankyou stephie
devotedmomof7 ha detto...
I love this!! I tried a poinsettia and it was not showable to! Your combination of loose and crisp edges is perfect. I really love the composition, too. It looks like you've used several types of w/c approaches, positive painting, negative painting... GREAT!!
jane minter ha detto...
cheryl thankyou ... this was one of many sketches and studies ... will look out for your poinsettias
Annaquarel.les ha detto...
That's a lovely watercolour! Wonderful! Merry Xmas!
Priti ha detto...
Wow these are beautiful, also like the maple seedheads. excellent work.
jane minter ha detto...
just got back from uk ..thankyou so much anna ..have just admired your paintings and blog thankyou priti for your lovely comment ...happy new year to you both
Jala Pfaff ha detto...
So beautiful...Okay, I'm going to stop leaving comments now because I want to say "beautiful" on every one. If I could paint in watercolor, this is how I'd like to do it.
jane minter ha detto...
jala :) that's such a lovely thing to say .. i'm very much a beginner ..i love the medium ... i'm sure you would paint beautifully in watercolour.

mercoledì 26 ottobre 2011

ornamental corn on the cob

" ornamental corn on the cob" 
watercolour wash # 99
Canson Fontenay 32 x 41 cm

.......quick initial "wet in wet" wash /sketch from life of decorative/ ornamental corn on the cob  .... no pencil watercolour wash # 99

domenica 23 ottobre 2011

watercolour wash # 98

Dolci di Carnevale
Canson Fontenay 300g/m2

...... I painted this earlier this year at the end of Carnival  at the same time as I painted the Venetian Masks wash # 53 .. it was fun wash and an example of using bubble wrap to create texture in a wash .

venerdì 21 ottobre 2011


watercolour washes 

.......posting a couple of my recent small  red swatches 

Rose Herczeg  has just started a 365 washes challenge having followed Maggie Latham's 100 wash challenge here's the link to Rose's new blog

giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

watercolour washes # 97

watercolour wash  # 97
77  x 58 cm Arches 600 g/m2
swatches : rectangles  22/ 25 x 9 cm squares 9 x 9 cm
winsor blue + windsor green + light turq + phtalo turq + raw sienna + red oxide

inspired by Maggie Latham....a large sheet subdived in swatches / washes painted very quickly yesterday ...colours are quite saturated ...  wet on dry and  wet  in wet .... mix  of  round and flat brush 

lunedì 17 ottobre 2011

dried hydgrangea head

watercolour wash # 96 
"single dried hydrangea head" 
Canson Fontenay
32 x 41 cm

.......painted from life  watercolour study "wet in wet" inital wash and "wet on dry"

venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

"yellow flowers" 
Arches 1/2 Sheet
32 x 41cm 
inspired by Marina Marcolin 

.....I decided to start another 12 week watercolour course locally with Marina Macolin at Ossidiana .....
this is an exercise  from week 2 with initial "wet in wet" followed by  "wet in dry" using a photo as a reference's a good challenge in itself to follow a class demonstration in two hours there isn't much time to think or reflect between stages .

watercolour wash # 94

watercolour wash # 94
turq phtalo + turq light + magenta + trans yellow
Canson Fontenay
32 x 41 cm 


martedì 11 ottobre 2011

giovedì 6 ottobre 2011


30 x 42 cm 
....quick watercolour sketch from life no pencil 

yellow roses


"yellow rose i " 
watercolour wash # 91
initial watercolour wash with pencil sketch
canson montval 
30 x 42 cm

"yellow rose ii"
watercolour wash #92
initial watercolour wash without pencil
canson montval 
30 x42cm

.....a couple of watercolour rose studies i enjoyed painting in the garden this week.