martedì 27 aprile 2010

Lagoon of Grado - plein air sketch

"Lagoon of Grado"

.......a quick sketch made early one morning when we anchored in the Lagoon of  a couple of years ago in the spring....there was still snow on the top of the alps.

martedì 13 aprile 2010

plein air - blue hygrengas

"blue hygrengas" study
initial wash
a quick study painted from life ....i loved painting outside together with Jean and friends last friday after the workshops .

blue eyes - Jean Haines workshop "Watercolours With Life" April 2010

" blue eyes"

my watercolour portrait study WIP initial wash painted at Jean Haines watercolour workshop "Watercolour With Life "

Jean Haines "Watercolour With Life" and "Spring Flowers" workshops 2010

"daffodil study"
1/2 sheet


"yellows "


1/2 sheet

my watercolour studies flowers painted from life

painted at Jean Haines "Watercolour With Life" workshop 2010

.....last week I flew to the UK to attended Jean Haines "Watercolour With Life" and "Spring Flowers" Workshops 2010

Over the last few years Jean has gently and quietly encouraged me so much.....I have been fortunate to be invited by Jean to paint with her in her studio and attended her workshops last year for the first time.

I enjoyed immensely the two days of workshops as they were so inspiring and incredibly constructive ..... thankyou Jean .
I will share a few of the studies and washes i painted at the workshops and ask you to visit Jean Haines wonderful blog where you can learn and read more about Jean's watercolour workshops and Jean herself .

sabato 3 aprile 2010

happy easter

" happy easter"
wishing you all a very Happy Easter
....wanted to share this special ceramic easter egg made by my youngest daughter