martedì 13 aprile 2010

Jean Haines "Watercolour With Life" and "Spring Flowers" workshops 2010

"daffodil study"
1/2 sheet


"yellows "


1/2 sheet

my watercolour studies flowers painted from life

painted at Jean Haines "Watercolour With Life" workshop 2010

.....last week I flew to the UK to attended Jean Haines "Watercolour With Life" and "Spring Flowers" Workshops 2010

Over the last few years Jean has gently and quietly encouraged me so much.....I have been fortunate to be invited by Jean to paint with her in her studio and attended her workshops last year for the first time.

I enjoyed immensely the two days of workshops as they were so inspiring and incredibly constructive ..... thankyou Jean .
I will share a few of the studies and washes i painted at the workshops and ask you to visit Jean Haines wonderful blog where you can learn and read more about Jean's watercolour workshops and Jean herself .

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Jean Haines ASWA ha detto...

Hello Jane

I am thrilled with each of these studies as they capture the essence and point of each exercise beautifully. You have created a flow in the daffodil with wonderful harmony of colour following the demo.Your jasmine carries the delicacy of the flower and the bold interpretation of that gorgeous blue is stunning.

Keeping your work exciting with your confident use of brushstrokes is shining in each here Jane with no sketching.

I am sure you have many wonderful subjects at your fingertips to paint in Italy Jane and I am dying to see how you interpret the exercises into other paintings that are not flower based.

Thank you so much for the photo of Taffy, I haven't had time to reply to emails yet as there are rather a lot!

2011 is already being organised with a few asses surprises!


Debbie ha detto...

Hi Jane

I'm thrilled to have had the opportunity to see these gorgeous 'studies' and 'first washes' in real life. I must say though..... the screen doesn't do the paintings justice... maybe it the size, but still holds great interest.

I still love your portrait.... you painted her eyes magnificently!!!!

Can't wait to see these complete!

jane minter ha detto...

hi there jean thanks so much for your kind words ..the two days went so very quickly .. sorry not to get back sooner have had vistors all this week ... i'm looking foward now to just
painting quietly consolidating and practicing these excercises and what you touched on in the workshop was great to see you again and watch you in action !

hello debbie thankyou ! me too :) you made some beautiful flower studies .. prehaps you're right about the size ... won't finish any of these ... will just keep them as they are as a ref look back at ....look foward to seeing your posts.

Melissa Fischer ha detto...

Beautiful, Jane! You have such a lovely touch with your flowers, and these are all wonderful.

jane minter ha detto...

melissa thanks so much for looking and your kind words