mercoledì 23 febbraio 2011

still life - lezione aquerello

still life
"yellow ginkgo bilboba  leaves + blue vase"
watercolour class - lezione aquerello
1/4 sheet canson fontenay 300g/m2

 black and white photo of the above still life

.....I've started another course of watercolour lessons last week with Marina Marcolin ....the excercise  was to carefully build up the painting in sections with "wet in wet" washes ..background , vase , foreground  and  then leaves ..adding some fine details at the end "wet on dry"... The yellow fan shaped leaves of the Ginkgo Biloba are so beautiful in the autumn .

inspiration - Watercolour at Tate Britain

Watercolour at Tate Britain

John Squire

Callum Ines

Watercolour at Tate Britain opened last week . I would really love to see this exhibition when I next go back to the UK.The link below gives an interesting and brief insight of the exhibition.

 .... I'm sure many of you have read about this exhibition . I'd like to know if you have already visited the exhibition  . I hope you find these videos inspiring for those who haven't seen them .

martedì 15 febbraio 2011

blue skies - watercolour course

"blue skies"
1/4 sheet arches 300g/m2 

 landscape practice .... .painted at home recently inspired by a demo of this basic landscape at watercolour class by teacher Marina Marcolin . 

wood anemones


"wood anemones"
watercolour sketch
 torchon  300g/m2

...beautiful small purple wood anemones are appearing everywhere are a couple of  simple sketches of them i painted from life.

lunedì 14 febbraio 2011

martedì 8 febbraio 2011

pouring and blending - watercolour wash

wash # 40 
Canson Montval CP 32 x 41 cm 
magenta + cyan + primary yellow
    2 pours  ....pouring vertically   

wash #40
a possible crop

....i've just started exploring pouring with washes as part of the 100 washes challenge .... here i made two pours holding the paper vertically  ...i did paint two small areas of magenta  whilst the second pour was still wet.

giovedì 3 febbraio 2011

window boxes


"window boxes"
watercolour study
 1/4 sheet

......i painted this a few years ago but wanted to share this quick study without an initial pencil sketch as i painted the darks first as in the demo below ....this was a wonderful old derelict building with each window carefully blocked up .

old door - watercolour class

"old door"
inspired by step by step of Marina Marcolin

1/4 sheet Arches  300g/m2

"old door" 
initial step painting the shadows
work in progress  

painted this yesterday  at class following Marina's demo . ..have to resolve a few areas still  ...the darks were painted first in this exercise was a good study for textures's a subject i like so will paint  this again with a different approach .