martedì 28 giugno 2011

old buttons

"old buttons"
30cm x 42cm Canson Montval
initial watercolour sketch

.....inital watercolour sketch of a collection of my grandmother's old  "sewing buttons" sewn on card .

wash  # 69
"old buttons ii "
30cm x 42cm Canson Montval
raw sienna , colbalt violet , colbalt green + burnt umber
watercolour wash

...............watercolour wash  adding some pencil detail at the end

giovedì 23 giugno 2011



"wash # 68"
cad red + colbalt turq W&N 
30 x 42 cm Canson  Montval fine grain 
wet on dry ..wet in wet 

painted as part of 100 washes challenge inspired by olivia's "part of a bird washes "... a single seagull feather...... watercolour study painted from life no pencil

martedì 21 giugno 2011

lunedì 20 giugno 2011

watercolour washes

"wash # 67"  
raw sienna  light red  al crimson FUM  + payne grey W&N  
"wet in wet"

"wash # 67"  
raw sienna  light red  al crimson FUM  + payne grey W&N  
Fabriano  300g/m2
"wet in wet"

"wash # 66"  

raw sienna  light red  al crimson FUM  + payne grey W&N  
Fabriano 300g/m2
"wet in wet"

.................recent watercolour washes from 100 washes challenge

domenica 12 giugno 2011


designed by Daamstudio

a collection of 12 postcards printed from original watercolours by JANE MINTER 

I'm posting a few photos of my "Postcard Box Set"  that was designed for my fist solo-exhibition . The box contains  a selection of 12 of my original watercolours printed in a postcard format .

If you would like more information contact me directly via my website . 

giovedì 2 giugno 2011

Mostre Pittura Disegno Acquarello - OSSIDIANA Mostre 2011 - Watercolour exhibition


La scuola di Pitture Disegno e Acquarello di OSSIDIANA Mostre fine anno degli Allievi 2011
Galleria d'Arte ART.U' - Vicenza , Italia watercolour course  at Ossidiana with Marina Marcolin  finished this week ..the school organizes a collective exhibition of the course work of students of both Toni Vedù and Marina Marcolin  each June .... I'm posting the invitation  for the watercolour exhibition which starts next week  7th June - 14 June 2011... below are two of my paintings which have been selected to be exhibited ....a special thankyou to Marina who is a super artist and teacher . 

"yellow boat "
inspired by Marina marcolin step by step

"swans + snow"
inspired by Marina Marcolin's step by step

mercoledì 1 giugno 2011

bamboo - watercolour class

" bamboo"
Arches 300g /m2
watercolour lesson 

had a wonderful lesson today........ Marina had brought some incredible references of Japenese paintings and gave a fantastic demo ....using  small amounts of gesso , working "wet in wet" and  "wet on dry" .