giovedì 2 giugno 2011

Mostre Pittura Disegno Acquarello - OSSIDIANA Mostre 2011 - Watercolour exhibition


La scuola di Pitture Disegno e Acquarello di OSSIDIANA Mostre fine anno degli Allievi 2011
Galleria d'Arte ART.U' - Vicenza , Italia watercolour course  at Ossidiana with Marina Marcolin  finished this week ..the school organizes a collective exhibition of the course work of students of both Toni Vedù and Marina Marcolin  each June .... I'm posting the invitation  for the watercolour exhibition which starts next week  7th June - 14 June 2011... below are two of my paintings which have been selected to be exhibited ....a special thankyou to Marina who is a super artist and teacher . 

"yellow boat "
inspired by Marina marcolin step by step

"swans + snow"
inspired by Marina Marcolin's step by step

12 commenti:

graziano tessarolo ha detto...

Complimenti e buona mostra... ciao Graziano

Sadami ha detto...

Hi, Jane,
Congrats on your finishing the course. I heartly hope the exhibition will go well.
Cheers, Sadami

jane minter ha detto...

ciao Graziano ..e'una buona iniziativa ..sono sicuro che conoscete la scuola ..c'e la mostra di oli e arylic questa settimana . ciao j

hi sadami... i've really enjoyed the weekly course that started last september ..have meet some lovely people on the course , it will be good to see all the course work exhibited ..Marina is a super teacher .

Jane ha detto...

Congrats Jane ...and good luck.

Tito ha detto...

Complimenti Jane e in bocca al lupo per la mostra! Ciao.

suzanneberry ha detto...

congratulations on finishing the course and on these wonderful pieces! they are just beautiful!

jane minter ha detto...

ciao jane ...i'm looking foward to seeing all the students work together .....thankyou ciao.

ciao tito ...forse hai mostra simile in vostra regione ..è bello condividere...è una buona scuola ...grazie ciao

hi suzanne thanks for your kind comment .. the course has been invaluable we've covered alot of different subjects...i've learnt alot following the class demos

Carlos León ha detto...

Congratulations!! great works...:-)

jane minter ha detto...

thankyou for your kind comment carlos

Nil Catalano ha detto...

Congratulations Jane, the selected works are beautiful.
I'm sure the exhibition will be a success.

Suzanne ha detto...

Congratulations Jane on these wonderful paintings ... so delicate and atmosheric. You're so lucky to have such inspiring teachers near you to take classes.

jane minter ha detto...

hello nil i really appreciate your comment thankyou

hi suzanne i am ... have done lots of great exercises really happy to have taken the course this year ...thanks suzanne .