mercoledì 13 ottobre 2010

apple - still life study

watercolour still life

...........crop of  a still life study (work in progress) ..... painted at my watercolour class today

martedì 12 ottobre 2010

XI Biennale Europea dell'Acquarello - Albignasego - Villa Obizzi - Padova - Italy

................. this weekend we visited a wonderful exhibition of watercolours at the  XI Biennale Europea dell'Acquarello in Villa Obizzi in Ablignasegno province of Padova ..i'm sure locally many might be familiar with this event for those who aren't  i've added a link where you can read more about the competition, the exhibition  and see the prize winners...the exhibition runs until 24th October 2010.  

giovedì 7 ottobre 2010

windmill - Italian watercolour workshop - week 1

inspired by demo of  Marina Macolina   

..........yesterday i was excited to start a weekly watercolour class in Vicenza at "OSSIDIANA" Centro Cuturale e di Espressione .... Scuola di Pitture e Disegno ACQUARELLO... it's my first Italian  watercolour course having only ever attended a couple of workshops in the UK  ... the courses are run by Toni Vedù and Marina Marcolin ...... i painted this yesterday at home  after the initial lesson and demo by Marina Macolina in class ....practicing wet in wet skies and "wet on dry" foreground .

martedì 5 ottobre 2010

Aura S at the Villa Foscari La Malccontenta

 Aura S at the Villa Foscari La Malccontenta Venice Italy .... designed by Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher .. at the weekend I enjoyed seeing one of the two installations that Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schmacher designed as part of the architectural Biennale 2008 in occassion of the 500th  Anniversary of Palladio's Birth photos were allowed so I've made a link here...hope you find it interesting .