martedì 12 ottobre 2010

XI Biennale Europea dell'Acquarello - Albignasego - Villa Obizzi - Padova - Italy

................. this weekend we visited a wonderful exhibition of watercolours at the  XI Biennale Europea dell'Acquarello in Villa Obizzi in Ablignasegno province of Padova ..i'm sure locally many might be familiar with this event for those who aren't  i've added a link where you can read more about the competition, the exhibition  and see the prize winners...the exhibition runs until 24th October 2010.  

3 commenti:

Kaye Parmenter ha detto...

This exhibition looks wonderful Jane, I hope you had a good time.

Suzanne Lindfield ha detto...

The exhibition looks fantastic and it's a pity I'll miss it - I'm going to Padova for the jazz festival in November!

jane minter ha detto...

hi kaye it was an excellent show ... wish there was a better link showing more of the artwork.

hi suzanne that's a pity ...jazz festival sounds good ..hope you have a great time .