martedì 5 ottobre 2010

Aura S at the Villa Foscari La Malccontenta

 Aura S at the Villa Foscari La Malccontenta Venice Italy .... designed by Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schumacher .. at the weekend I enjoyed seeing one of the two installations that Zaha Hadid and Patrick Schmacher designed as part of the architectural Biennale 2008 in occassion of the 500th  Anniversary of Palladio's Birth photos were allowed so I've made a link here...hope you find it interesting .

4 commenti:

Irina ha detto...

How did it feel?
I am old-fashioned cow, I love the architecture of 18-19 centuries, so warm.
And thank you for the link.

jane minter ha detto...

irina :D lots of mixed reactions from the visitors of the villa ! what is it ..why is it in that room ? ..i would have liked to been able to enter the room itself ...i'm sorry we were only allowed to view it from the doorway ... how it was inspired and generated i find fascinating .. i love the proportion harmony and beauty of Palladian villas..the interior is interesting as only the "blueprint" of the original frescos remain... hope to see some of those C18th C19th building in Russia one day

Sadami ha detto...

Dear Jane,
Nice work and beautiful. I want to sketch a windmill one day.
Kind regards, Sadami

jane minter ha detto...

glad you liked the link sadami