venerdì 30 luglio 2010

Ca'D'Oro - Gothic facade - sketch

 view from Grand canal 

a quick watercolour  sketch of a section of the incredibly beautiful  Gothic façade of Ca'D'Oro  in Venice

giovedì 29 luglio 2010

canto d'estate ...cicade song

"canto d'estate"..cicade song (cicale) 

the grapes are growing.....we're surrounded by the cicade singing dawn to dusk .... bird song and the sound of crickets by night ...a glipse of our summer.

martedì 13 luglio 2010

cherry tomatoes - sketch

"cherry tomatoes"
watercolour sketch painted from life

a  small sketch of the first cherry tomatoes from our garden ... they are so sweet ...delicious

lunedì 12 luglio 2010

Time Lapses - Punta della Dogana and Tadao Ando


Boy with Frog , CHARLES RAY
cast stainless steel and acrylic polyurethane


"Punta della Dogana"
sculpted by Bernardo Falconi

..... i've wanted to go to this since it opened last year to see the work of Tando Ando and the New Contemporary Art Gallery ...finally managed to see the exhibition last weekend ...

i've added a  video above of the restoration work which i liked......i hope you might it find interesting ............
you can see a couple of videos of the exhibition here    MAPPING THE STUDIO - Punta Della Dogana part 1  and MAPPING THE STUDIO - Punta Della Dogana part 2

sabato 3 luglio 2010

Salt Warehouses - Skladišče soli Monfort Portorož - Oblane Gallerie Piran



last w-e we sailed  across the Gulf of Trieste  to Slovenia ....we walked from Portoroz to  Piran.... i wanted to share a few photos of the beautiful old salt warehouses Monfort  which stored salt produced in the salines ...  ( i hope in the near future to return to see the museum of salt making and the old salines saltpans which are now a nature park )....  one of the warehouses is currently used as gallery space by Oblane Gallerie Piran  
we were lucky to see an Exhibition of Tone Lapajne Zemilja v Nebu  Oblane Gallerie Piran /  Gallerie  Costerie  Pirano ... ...i was kindly given permission to take a few photos of the exhibition  and interior which i loved  and was completed unexpected.

......i'll post a few photos of Piran later .