sabato 3 luglio 2010

Salt Warehouses - Skladišče soli Monfort Portorož - Oblane Gallerie Piran



last w-e we sailed  across the Gulf of Trieste  to Slovenia ....we walked from Portoroz to  Piran.... i wanted to share a few photos of the beautiful old salt warehouses Monfort  which stored salt produced in the salines ...  ( i hope in the near future to return to see the museum of salt making and the old salines saltpans which are now a nature park )....  one of the warehouses is currently used as gallery space by Oblane Gallerie Piran  
we were lucky to see an Exhibition of Tone Lapajne Zemilja v Nebu  Oblane Gallerie Piran /  Gallerie  Costerie  Pirano ... ...i was kindly given permission to take a few photos of the exhibition  and interior which i loved  and was completed unexpected.

......i'll post a few photos of Piran later .

2 commenti:

Sandra ha detto...

Ooh, Jane - I bet that blue door lock would be a great little watercolour study! And I love the Venice fish market! I have seen quite a few paintings of this place. It seems that the bright red shades are quite a stunning feature! I'd love to go there, not just to paint, but also because I love fish!

jane minter ha detto...

hi sandra ... hopefully we'll go back it's the first time i've been to Solvenia... i'd like to make a few studies of the doors .. we went to the Punta della Dogana this w-e in Venice .... we had some delicious fish snacks in a local bar nearby to the fishmarket !....will make some more studies thanks