domenica 31 gennaio 2010

sea urchin

"sea urchin"

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Melissa Fischer ha detto...

Jane, you do such beautiful, delicate work. I imagine you to be a very gentle and patient person from seeing your artwork. This sea urchin looks just like the ones I've seen. Good job!

MILLY ha detto...

Jane, the sea urchin is beautifully captured. I have been admiring your lovely watery watercolour paintings, your work is beautiful.

jane minter ha detto...

thankyou melissa my daughters loved collecting sea urchins this summer ...not all of them arrived home but most ! all sizes and colours ..this was the largest ... the shells are so incredibly beautiful .

jane minter ha detto...

milly thankyou so much i really appreciate you looking at my blog .i discovered both your blog and site yesterday when i was posting an assignment for my course work via a link from london art college course forum ....i'd love to be able to see your collection of incredible drawings from nature ... i have always admired John Ruskin's watercolours and drawings of both nature and architecture.

cabap ha detto...

great blog Jane,
jan :)

jane minter ha detto...

hi jan thankyou so much for following my blog ..just see some of your wonderful cartoon characters :)