sabato 27 febbraio 2010

sunshine awards

irina ... spasiba ! thankyou !

shristi ....thankyou so much


i feel very lucky to have been awarded two sunshine awards this week one by irina and another by shristi :D :D ....thankyou both so much .......i'd like to give a sunshine award to both shristi and irina as a way my appreciation .... in turn i 'm happy to award sunshine awards to the following blogs and wonderful artist ..i hope you enjoy visiting their blogs as much as i do.

.......if you accept this award please

1. post the logo on your blog or in your post or both

2.pass this onto 12 bloggers (with 2 awards i decided to name more :) )

3. let them know they have been awarded the person who awarded you in the first place

8 commenti:

Irina ha detto...

Oh, thank you, Jane. They call us "double heros" in Russia, the ones who received the "hero" medal twice :-)) Your works are remarkable, I will be happy to follow your blog!

Melissa Fischer ha detto...

Thank you very much, Jane! You deserve a sunshine award, and I really appreciate your passing it on to me. I always love to read your blog and see your beautiful paintings.

MILLY ha detto...

Thank you Jane for thinking of me. I was given this by someone else and have not had the chance to pass it on.
I will be happy to visit the other artists, love seeing other peoples art.

devotedmomof7 ha detto...

Jane - Thank you so very much! I just enjoy following your blog! Sunshine back to you!

Sandy Maudlin ha detto...

Thanks so much, Jane, for including me in the awards. Your work is beautifully done - love those pruners so much. Because of my time constraints, I won't be able to pass along the award. Have a glorious week of painting and THANKS again. Love visitiong your blog and seeing your masterpieces.

jane minter ha detto...

hi irina will enjoy following all 3 of your blogs :)thankyou again

hello melissa it was a pleasure to pass it on to you

cheryl ditto thankyou :) !

hi milly i love your blog !:)i was glad to send you it

thanks so much for that sandy :) ....have a great workshop

Anonimo ha detto...

Jane, sunshine back to you too. I put the award in the sidebar of my blog with a link to your blog. Thank you so much it brought sunshine to my day!

jane minter ha detto...

thankyou maggie :) i'm happy it did ...your blogs are a favorite of mine.