martedì 16 marzo 2010


 painted from life

"carnations wash"
 experimenting with watercolour washes 

10 commenti:

Debbie ha detto...

These are lovely Jane... you would love Hazel Soan.... I have learnt so much!

Yasemin ha detto...

Questi sono bellissimi!! Complimenti...

Fernando Pena ha detto...

Ciao Jane, wonderful soft carnations

Irina ha detto...

Oh my, they are breathing.

devotedmomof7 ha detto...

Jane - These are so lovely. I envy your ability to loosely's so full of interest. It especially works with the soft blossoms.

Sandeep Khedkar ha detto...

The carnations look very good! Nice colors!

jane minter ha detto...

debbie thanks lucky you ! ...enjoy the last day ... ..looking foward to hearing about it

yasemin mille grazie :)

ciao fernando thankyou so much

irna that's a lovely comment thankyou

cheryl thankyou ..i admire the way you paint ...i'll try painting more i love the way they hang down in window boxes .

sandeep thankyou !

Kaylyn ha detto...

You know, I have to agree with Irna. These are breathing, that is such a great way of looking at them. They are also a moment's glimpse of the flower, the way we enjoy a bowl of tulips on the table that adds atmosphere without demanding full attention.

Thanks for your comment, Jane, on my copper painting. Copper is so attractive...I think its nice architecturally and in smaller functional pieces because it is somehow more elemental and malleable than steel or aluminum. It is so responsive to the elements and protects itself with patina. I love a great copper (or zinc) roof! Sadly so rare these days.

Sandy Maudlin ha detto...

What a springtime welcome your flowers bring. Love the crocus and the pinks too. So exquisite.

jane minter ha detto...

kalyln .. you're right copper weathers beautifully ...really appreciate your comment .. thankyou so much

hello sandy a big thankyou ! painting daffoldils which have just appeared ...need to find your italian manholes paintings :)