giovedì 26 agosto 2010

sailing - photo


......for the last few weeks we sailed from Italy to the Kronati Islands in Croatia and back
again ...i love being at sea ...i've always enjoyed sketching and taking lots of photos whilst we travel ... wanted to share a few photos here ....will add more

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Sandra ha detto...

Great photo - It's nice that the boat is just a silouette.
I am a sea lover too and I adore being on a boat - I feel right at home! This would make a nice watercolour sketch, don't you think? :0)

jamila aladdin ha detto...

Hi Jane ... I was wondering what you were up to... lol
Looking forward to viewing your photos

Karen Martin Sampson ha detto...

I too wondered where you were...I am envious! Sounds like an amazing trip!

Candy ha detto...

This is wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of your photos and reading about the trip.

Jala Pfaff ha detto...

How marvelous!

I have to say, I got a laugh because I was scrolling down my blog very, very quickly, and when your thumbnail passed by, I thought it was a big shark fin.

Tito ha detto...

Hi Jane, I spent several times my summer holidays in Croatia, on the Losinji (Lussino) island. I have never been on the Kronati (Incoronate) islands, so I will wait for your photos to know them. Ciao!

jane minter ha detto...

hi sandra my youngest daughter started snorkeling this year with us would love to scuba dive there i know how much you love the sea ..hope to paint a few watercolours

hi there jamila ... had fun sketching not many to show alot of paint on the deck !

hi candy hope to add a few more photos this week

hi there karen we had a great time thankyou...would be wonderful to take a year off and just sail around the world .

ciao tito we've spent alot of summers in Losinji ..enjoyed seeing your recent paintings ...the kronati are fascinating and inspiring ..

jala that's made me really laugh ! saw a couple dolphins this year :)