domenica 12 dicembre 2010



a page of watercolour washes
1/4 sheet cansons fontenay 

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Olivia ha detto...

Jane, these thistles are magnificent. I like the combination of colors.
They are not prickly any more but very soft under your brushstrokes! Kind regards.

Sadami ha detto...

Dear Jane,
I love your thistles. This time, they look like after a season. Sensitive brush strokes and wet-in-wet are so impressive. Thank you.
Kind regards, Sadami

Maria ha detto...

Very nice effect with this, Jane! I love the color and the looseness :)

Debbie ha detto...

These are beautiful Jane... I took a stunning photo of (our) variety when in the Cape... wanted to paint them so badly but wasn't sure how..... you have given me wonderful inspiration now!!!!

If I don't chat to you again before we go on our vacation.... Have a wonderful Christmas and creative New Year!

Jeanette ha detto...

These are beautiful and the colours just perfect Jane.

jgr ha detto...

Hi Jane,
These are beautiful! So soft and graceful!

Sandra ha detto...

Wow - So delicately done. Beautiful!

graziano tessarolo ha detto...

Per me le lavature ad acquerello sono sempre un qualcosa di magico ed affascinante dove l'artista conduce con delicatezza l'acqua che altrimenti si muoverebbe a suo piacere.
Ciao Graziano

Crystal Cook ha detto...

Those are simply amazing Jane. I LOVE the effects you get with those washes. :)

Christiane Kingsley ha detto...

Jane, beautiful colors and softness!

Susan Liles ha detto...

Lovely, beautiful colors and softness.

javi ha detto...

HOla Jane, me encantan las tonalidades que has empleado para estas teazles, enhorabuena.Saludos

jane minter ha detto...

hi olivia thankyou again ... painted these as part of 100 washes challenge.

dear sadami...thankyou so very much good to paint 3 together.

hello maria thankyou enjoyed painting these.

debbie look foward to seeing what you paint...i wonder if they are similar to blue sea thistles...have a lovely holiday happy christmas to you and your family debbie.

hi jeanette i used yellow orche quin gold , colbalt violet, winsor violet , burnt umber vandyke brown
thankyou .

hi jane thankyou for your kind comment

hello sandra glad you like them thankyou.

ciao graziano grazie mille ..worked from memory here....would like to work from life next .

crystal i really liked some of the effects thankyou .

hi christiane thankyou so much for your encouragement.

hi susan've had a great week ! congratulations again ..thankyou

hola javi thankyou for your lovely comment .

Carlos León ha detto...

Beautiful work!!

RHCarpenter ha detto...

These are sooo beautiful!! The loose and watery look good watercolor is supposed to have :)

Irina ha detto...

I keep thinking you are not human. You are a bird. And you paint this with your wings.

marty ha detto...

beautiful painting Jane ! love it
very much !

Johannes Baul ha detto...

very interesting work Jane.
Thank you for your visits to my blog. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and many creative hours in 2011.

Stephie Butler ha detto...

For me this is one of your best Jane...I love the way you have captured all of them, the composition works beautifully as well...

jane minter ha detto...

carlos thankyou !

rhonda thankyou so much for visiting and your comment

irina hope you had or having a good time in london ..thankyou :)

marty merci ! many thanks

johannes your pastels and watercolours are beautiful ... happy christmas !..thankyou .

thankyou stephie i really appreciate your comment.