martedì 29 novembre 2011

Vote for your favourite Wash Paintings on 100 Wash Challenge

here's an extract from Maggie's post  :

By now you all know that our journey with 100 Washes is over, and I would like to thank all the participating artists and all our followers who have left encouraging comments throughout the year.

It has been a wonderful journey for Jane, Olivia, Theresa, Vandy, Christy, Suzanne and myself who took part in this challenge, and I know many of us are continuing our washes journey on our own blogs.........................

..........The poll will be open for voting until December 31st 2011, after which I will tally up the votes and each voters name will go into a hat and the lucky name pulled out will receive fourteen greeting cards (two winning images from each blog participant) showcasing the wash paintings with the highest number of votes.

All blog participants and followers/blog readers may vote, but only followers/readers will be entitled to win the set of greeting cards.......

Happy voting !

My best wishes to everyone and happy voting!


To Vote:

2 commenti:

Noemí ha detto...

Una idea genial! Esperemos el resultado!

jane minter ha detto...

hi there neomi it's a super idea of maggie's ..hope you vote ! ... i've yet to vote too many favorites to choose from :)