martedì 25 settembre 2012

orange rose hip

"orange rose hip" 
watercolour study WIP 
32 x 41cm
painted from life with no pencil sketch

.....posting  a  quick initial wet in wet study WIP painted with a large  flat brush 2" /50 mm .

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renate ha detto...

Hello Jane:) I've never seen such a beautiful pink bottling. Beautiful style and a great color. Wow!

Sadami ha detto...

Hi, Jane,
You're very brave! (*I usually do not use a flat brush, even though have it. Unfit for my loose style = wash.) So, I admire your challenge spirit. Keep up. Look forward to a flat brush result.
Kind regards, Sadami

Anns Art ha detto...

Stunning. This looks 3D.

L.W.Roth, ha detto...

It does look three D. This is no study; it's a beautiful painting Jane.

Floriana Quaini ha detto...

Ciao Jane,
ho guardato bene i tuoi lavori di questa estate...molto belli!
Mi piacciono tantissimo i grappoli d'uva e le trecce d'aglio...i colori che hai usato danno effetti magnifici!
Ciao, a presto, Floriana

Noemí ha detto...

Precioso uso del color y el agua!

Judy ha detto...

Fantastic painting, Jane! What a big brush you used!

Jane ha detto...

Just gorgeous !!

Sandra ha detto...

A gorgeous subject captured so beautifully and softly. Perfect :0)

Sergio DS ha detto...

I adore your paintings, specially worked with no pencil sketch.

Theresa Evans ha detto...

Really beautiful ... looks like it's emerging from the paper :)

Blaga ha detto...

These smooth fluid colors are so lovely!

JANE MINTER ha detto...

glad you like the colours renate thankyou .

thanks for your encouragement sadami ...i really like the edges and brushstrokes of the large flat brush ..hope to see a few paintings from you with a flat brush !

thankyou ann it's so easy to flatten the form so glad you think it gives the impression of 3D .

thanks so much linda had to stop at this point ..maybe a good thing .

ciao florianna hope you had a good summer ...thankyou for your kind comment.

noemi your comment means so much ..i was happy with the study and effects .

judy thankyou.. it's good to change brushes .

thankyou jane !

thankyou sandra the moment the rose bushes have a mass of beautiful rose hips.

thanks sergio ..drawing with a brush

theresa many thanks .. at this stage it's a little undefined but will leave it as it is for now

JANE MINTER ha detto...

thankyou blaga :)

Jala Pfaff ha detto...

I love this so, so much!
There are some orange rose hips on a bush near where I live that I admire every day.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi there jala thankyou so much for looking .. hope all is well.

John (JWJarts) ha detto...

The only things I've ever painted with a 2" brush are the door frames in my house. Great work. ;)

Christy ha detto...

These colors speak to me of fall, my favorite time of year. Love the bright but soft tones.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

john :) thankyou !

thankyou so much christy some are turning beautiful shdes of red now...i know you love autumn