martedì 23 aprile 2013

frames - restoring old picture frames

" dark to light "
restoring old timber frames
old timber frames +  sand paper 

I was kindly given a assortment of different types and sizes of old frames by a friend and artist . In the last couple of weeks I have started to restore and make good the old frames so I have a selection of frames to choose from  in the future to utilize for display purposes .

As most of the paintings I sell are unframed  it's also a very good opportunity to take time to enjoy  mounting  and framing some of my paintings  .

All of the old dark frames were badly scratched so I decided to see if I could take them back to the natural timber . To remove the dark staining from the old frames I used paint/vanish remover and then sanded them down with fine sand paper ...time consuming but rewarding.  . I've yet to decide the finish leave them as they are  , treat them with a wax , vanish them or paint them . A couple of them I will re-stain to the original dark as I have a few small paintings that will look good with a darker frame . 

" white frames" 
making good  +  repainted timber frames 

I made good some simple timber handmade frames by just cleaning , sanding and repainting them. 

The rest of the old frames were painted with multiple layers with a wonderful  variety of colours blue,  pink and white ,  and gold so it took longer to  sand  them down and repaint them . You have to be patience and very gentle when sanding  to be careful not to damage or reshape the frames .  As each frame is different with various sections and moulds to create uniformity I decided to paint them a neutral colour . I used an acrylic white paint with  a satin finish  .  I choose to handpaint them with  a fine flat acrylic / oil brush .  An alternative would have been to air brush them which would have given an excellent finish . 

Most of the frames were in reasonable condition but a few still need fixing at the corners before I start restoring them . 

  It would be good to hear if any one else refurbishes and utilizes old frames .

" white frames"

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Rita Vaselli ha detto...

Dear Jane, in Turin, where I lived 22 years, and here, the painters are very fond of attending the flea markets and brocanterie to find interesting frames and transforming them,as new.
A friend of Turin, went to Balon, at six in the saturday morning ... searching to have the first choice in the "novelty" of the old things!
I think it's always nice to do the relooking of the things we have at home, if there is a desire to change. Your frames are "cool " as your painting.

Catharina ha detto...

Such a nice friend to give you all those frames! Lucky you!

Judith Farnworth Art ha detto...

I have done a bit of this Jane and spray them with either car spray or craft spray which gives a good finish, I tend to do black and off white so I have a uniform display.

Mrs A ha detto...

I have been collecting old frames from op-shops in a small way , sanding them and painting them white. You have been going much further than by taking them back to the wood , waxing them etc. I began before Christmas framing some of my grandchildrens' paintings as a surprise for them...they were very happy. I'm sad,to think of old frames we have thrown out in the past! The last op shop I was in said that others have begun to do the same thing so maybe I won't have the same choice. But don't do what I did last week, I came home with a modern large silver frame, then decided I liked the modern abstract and now it is hanging along with our more traditional paintings! Happy framing, Mrs A

Sadami ha detto...

Hi, Jane,
Thank u for sharing the precious info. I still remember your kids and only mounted your paintings in photos at an exhibitionʚ(ˆ◡ˆ)ɞ. Regarding my frames, depends on a show and art societies requirements. But when I have a solo exhibition one day, I'd do it like you. Pass my best wishes to your children!
Best wishes, Sadami

Jane ha detto...

Oh yes I do Jane. Frames....what a passion! I love to buy old frames in markets and get them back to good again. I paint them mostly black or white , I find this is what I prefer in paintings .

Sandra Busby ha detto...

Wow - what a great idea! And such a great way to save money too.
I've never thought of collecting old frames before :0)

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

I have some old frames waiting to be re-finished when the time is right, And one of my sisters has taken up the hobby of re-finishing old furniture and frames, so I have a great source of info [and maybe frames] with her. :)

JANE MINTER ha detto...

Hi Rita must have good memories of Turin ...Balon sounds a wonderful market to visit... when we lived in London I loved the flea / markets Portbello Camden....last time we went to Turin was to survey a hotel .......thankyou

Hello Catharina I am very lucky to have such a generous friend :) did your exhibition go ?

Hi Judith car spray or craft spray sound good alternatives thanks for your suggestion ..we have a compressor with a paint tin which i will try ...every year there are a few opportunities to display paintings in piazzas with the local watercolour society in the summer months...will catch up with your blog .

Hello and welcome mrs A I'm sure your grandchildren loved that you framed their drawings ... infact my youngest daughter enjoyed helping painting a few of the frames :) The solid timber frames were a bonus ...eclectic is good :) simple minimal aluminium frame are beautiful...thank you for visiting my blog.

Hi Sadami your first solo exhibition will be a wonderful event :) .. you've got a good memory ...displaying paintings for a short period with just mounts worked really well .... to display work for an extended period I feel I need to frame them ....will pass your good wishes eldest daughter broke her ankle last week so painting and blogging time has been limited .

Hi Jane that's great to know :) you must have a good eye for frames ...can imagine black works really well with some of your paintings ..I really like refurbishing the frames , it is very rewarding

Hi Sandra it is a clever idea . ...finished 15 so far ... 5 more to be finished :).In the long term I'd also like to make my own frames .

Hi Katharyn I'm sure your sister will love refurbishing some frames for you ... she will definitely give you some good advice .

Mike ha detto...

Howdy Jane,
A local artist in our country town restores old window frames to often frame her watercolours.

I like your style, and the old plough is fantastic.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

thanks for your kind comment and visiting my blog mike ..sounds a great idea old window frames... i guess old door frames too. ...glad you like the plough you can still find lots of beautiful old agricultural equipment here .

Hedera ha detto...

This is such a good idea Jane. I have a number of old frames that with just a little bit of attention would look like new. You've inspired me :)