giovedì 2 maggio 2013

wild iris

wild irises
Fabriano Artistico 600g/m2 
56 x 76cm
watercolour ....painted from life  

8 commenti:

Theresa Evans ha detto...

Beautiful, Jane. I like the composition very much ... it reminds me of Elizabeth Blackadder's flower paintings on a white background :).

Kat Farmer/van Hookens ha detto...

soo pretty... :-)

laura ha detto...

Oh, so graceful! The white space around them adds to their elegance.
Beautiful variations of green in the stems too.

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

So very striking, Jane! Beautiful lines and fusion of colors! LOVE IT!

Jane ha detto...

A true beauty, they seem to be dancing :-)

JANE MINTER ha detto...

thank you theresa :) glad you like the composition ...the wild iris have such beautiful forms and structure ... elizabeth blackadder is a true inspiration :) ...i admire botanical floral paintings with white backgrounds.

oh thank you kat :) ..enjoyed painting these.

thank you laura i liked the shapes and spaces that these two stems created on the sheet with their beautiful curves and bends .

katharyn thank you of my favorite flowers ...good to paint with and without bg

jane dancing in the rain :) the grass is so long at the moment difficult to see the iris ...thank you !

Cobalt Violet ha detto...

Lovely composition ... such grace and movement!
Wonderful as always.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

thank you so very much lucinda.