giovedì 19 settembre 2013

car keys

"car keys"
 watercolour study 
painted from life
crop of 30 X 40cm 

15 commenti:

Sergio DS ha detto...

Buen trabajo, Citroen debería patrocinarte.

Sadami ha detto...

Hi, Jane, nice! Enjoy playing with colour and water fully!
Cheers, Sadami

Katherine Thomas ha detto...

Oh wow! I love this! It's wonderfully creative and expressive and beautiful!

Lorraine Brown ha detto...

I wonder what the car is? Your choices of little studies are always so interesting Jane

Judy ha detto...

Fabulous, Jane!

Polly Birchall ha detto...

How you make such a mundane everyday subject look so painterly is amazing

Sandra Busby ha detto...

These are wonderful Jane! So fluid and fresh :0)

Laura Moore ha detto...

Really not an easy subject to do loosely. You achieved it beautifully though.

Jane ha detto...

Love this key series !

Cobalt Violet ha detto...

you make everything and anything look beautiful and lovely.

renate ha detto...

Hello Jane:) And for the newer keys blue is a good choise! Love these too! Have a nice sunday:)

Caroline Simmill ha detto...

Lovely painting Jane, I especially love the old keys in your last post just beautiful!

Diana ha detto...

beautiful,Jane, you make even an ordinary subject look so beautiful, love,Diana

Pat ha detto...

You've made even the mundane look wonderful. Gorgeous washes!

JANE MINTER ha detto...

sergio thanks've got a sharp eye citroen :)

lots of water sadami ...thanks for looking

glad you like it katherine ...i'm happy to have found your blog

lorraine sergio guessed right ... thank you

thanks judy !

thank you polly looks like you had a great workshop with hazel .

thank you sandra ... not used this paper before good practice

laura hope you had a good trip in south africa ... i made feehand pencil sketches with both key paintings ... i like the effect of wash + drawing

thanks jane painted a set of keys along time ago ..thought i'd start a series.

lucinda thank you for your kind words as always

thanks renate for all your recent comments ...i need to catch up with blog posts

good to see you caroline thank you...have made some larger key studies of a few old keys i have herebased on the sketch below ...the car keys are a very cold image.

many thanks diana i get lots of pleasure sketching and making studies from life and experimenting with the washes.

thanks pat ..good to see you back after summer .