giovedì 17 ottobre 2013

salt cellars

"salt cellars"
still life
Cansons Fontenay
32 x 41cm 

 ...watercolour study of small salt cellars painted from life ....once again the quality of the image uploaded is not very good  sorry .

17 commenti:

Sergio DS ha detto...

Sin embargo una acuarela muy dulce, me gusta tu trabajo en húmedo.

Jean Spitzer ha detto...

Lovely. Feels peaceful.

Judy ha detto...

So beautiful, Jane! It seems that the quality of the images in Blogger has changed for some reason, I had problems as well.

Blaga ha detto...

Another painting with delicious fluid and fusing pigments! I know you don't do a pencil drawing, but you must have used something for these straight lines?

Sadami ha detto...

Hi, Jane, very sweet salt cellars.
Cheers, Sadami

Lorraine Brown ha detto...

love how render ordinary objects into soft beauties

Sandra Busby ha detto...

I'm with Lorraine - They sparkle! :0)

Lydie ha detto...

La beauté faite simplicité. Belle harmonie colorée. Bises !

Tito ha detto...

Originale e bello, come sempre! Buon week end, Jane!

Jean Lurssen ha detto...

Love how you achieved such a translucent look to the glass while using all blues and without leaving white of the paper.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

thank you sergio

last painting painted in france relaxing in the studio after the week's workshop ...thank you for visting my blog jean

judy thanks for letting me know.. the images are so poor hope it resolves it self ..would like to know the solution

blaga my first love has always been drawing and sketching ... many of my watercolours are without initial sketch but many are with drawing as with this one.

thanks sadami bix had a collection of these tiny salt cellars ...i had to paint them .

lorraine many thanks ...quick impression

thank you sandra :)

merci beaucoup lydie thank you !

buona domenica tito ...grazie mille

jean the image isn't great glad you like it i was pleased with this one ...had to stop here to let it dry before flying home...could always add a little detail.

Debbie Nolan ha detto...

Jane - very lovely - your choice of colors and your washes are superb! Hope you are having a great day.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

and you too debbie ...thanks for your lovely comment.

Bianca Botes ha detto...

Questo tuo lavoro lo trovo semplicemente meraviglioso e raffinato ! Buona domenica

Cath.H.C Photography ha detto...

c'est magnifique !!!
Je découvre ton blog, j'aime beaucoup ton travail! Des aventures et de très belles photos de tes oeuvres vraiment magnifiques!!!
Je suis artiste peintre, photographe amateur; je me suis inscrite pour suivre tes publications!
Je t'invite à me rendre visite sur mes blogs, merci beaucoup et bonne journée! Cath.

Jala Pfaff ha detto...

Love love love this! It's like a little blue Morandi (that's how it struck me). Fabulous.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

grazie mille bianca

bonjour cathy merci

good to see you jala so glad you like them ...i love his work