mercoledì 4 dicembre 2013

greek antiquity ii

Greek Antiquity ii
32 x 41cm

continuation of exploration  of Greek Antiquity #2  , Olympia  .. simple rhythm  and texture of a mutule .

Rectangular block under the soffit of the cornice of the Greek Doric temple, which is studded with guttae. It is supposed to represent the piece of timber through which the wooden pegs were driven in order to hold the rafter in position, and it follows the sloping rake of the roof. In the Roman Doric order the mutule was horizontal, with sometimes a crowning fillet, so that it virtually fulfilled the purpose of the modillion in the Corinthian cornice.

 note : sorry the quality of the image is darker than the original

17 commenti:

Judy ha detto...

It's beautiful, Jane, I can see why you were attracted by the rhythm and texture!

MARTY ha detto...

wow, this is hard to do ! amazing painting

Lorraine Brown ha detto...

so interesting Jane

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

Beautiful, Jane! And how can I tell that your forte is architecture? :)

Polly Birchall ha detto...

Fascinating insight into the architecture and intriguing painting. You choose some fascinating subjects and make them very painterly

Anonimo ha detto...

I do not get a word of description, hihi, but the picture is beautiful. I can feel the strong sun and hear the sound of gravel under my feet :)

Laura Moore ha detto...

Beautiful from a watercolour perspective and architecturally. Great control to produce such realistic texture.

Pat ha detto...

I'm loving those shadows! xx

Elvi ha detto...

Un lavoro molto interessante. Bello

Blaga ha detto...

I like the rhythm and texture too!

Floriana Quaini ha detto...

Ciao Jane,
mi stupisci sempre per la scelta dei soggetti! Riesci a trovare stimoli da tutto a e rendere immagini che
hanno un fascino tutto particolare!
Molte rimangono sicuramente nella memoria di chi le vede e diventano
immagini "memorabili"!
Ciao, abbracci Floriana
p.s. scusa il mio scarso impegno nei commenti, Ciao

Jean Spitzer ha detto...

I like the rhythm, the irregularity in the form after so many years.

Tito ha detto...

Un soggetto alla "Jane", unico, interessante, soprattutto dipinto con la sua grande maestria. Complimenti Jane.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi judy thanks...the pattern and shadows caught my eye ...sorry my image is so poor .

hi marty merci ..mostly wet on dry .. first attempt working out how to best paint it .

hi lorraine it's a challenging subject lorraine .

hi katharyn thank you...only had time for quick sketches whilst we were travelling this summer in greece...starting to explore a few ideas now.

many thanks polly you might see another version ... you are doing some great work with brusho .

atreewalker haha ! love your description was incredibly
hot !

hi laura ...i painted most of it in one hit ...the water and colour did most of the work creating the textures :)

hi pat thank you

JANE MINTER ha detto...

ciao elvi grazie

hi blaga thanks ..just seen your wonderful self portrait

grazie mille per tua parole floriana
...Non che il soggetto piaccia a tutti qualcosa che mi interessa ....spero tutto bene abbracci

thank you jean ..made some mistakes with the over- all layout but the small irregularity make it so interesting

ciao tito grazie mille ...the image is very grey here....might have to add alittle more to this .

Debbie Nolan ha detto...

Fantastic Jane - you captured texture and also caught the shadows too. Very lovely - thank you for sharing.

laura ha detto...

Stunning: love the design and the subtle, muted colors.