mercoledì 9 novembre 2016

squirrell quill mop

"squirell quill mop"
crop of watercolour sketch 
CANSON fontenay

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Painting in Tuscany ha detto...

Love it -
it's my favourite brush!
Greatings from Chianti,

Judy ha detto...

Beautiful! Good to see you posting again!

JANE MINTER ha detto...

mine too sabine ! look forward to following your blog ...thankyou

hi judy thank you ... hope all is well with you as i haven't seen you posting recently. This started of as a quick demo/exercise exercise without a background ...i was asked to show how to paint the background whilst painting this ...sometimes when working wet in wet it is difficult to see the water on the paper when doing demos i often (especially if there is no pencil work / sketch ) add/float in colour to help see "the water" it gave an idea of how a background wash could be created.