mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

watercolour wash # 78

wash # 78
"wet in wet" 
Fabriano 300 g/m2
cyan + primary yellow + perm rose + colbalt blue

......earlier this week Katherine Tyrrell  kindly mentioned in " Making a Mark"  Maggie Latham's One Hundred Washes Challenge and participating  artists ..below is the link to the blog

Maggie Latham - Jane Minter  - Olivia Quintin - Christy Lemp  -  Suzanne Lindfield  - Theresa Evans - Vandy Massey

5 commenti:

Vicki Holdwick ha detto...

How very lovely,


A Brush with Color ha detto...

Your washes are so delicate. Love this!

jane minter ha detto...

thanks for visiting my blog vicki and your kind comment

hi sue ..thanks so very much .

Liana Yarckin ha detto...

great colors in this wash. i am loving all of them.

jane minter ha detto...

hi and thankyou liana glad your enjoying the 100 washes challenge.