sabato 18 febbraio 2012

colour theory

watercolour tubes

Maggie Latham has  started  "Exploring Colour in watercolour " tutorials on her blog ....below is the link to  Maggie Latham's Art blog and recent post where you can read more.

FUM + cad yellow + cad red  (W&N) 
W&N French  Ultramarine 263  - transparent - granulating 
W&N Cad yellow 108 - opaque 
W&N Cad red  094 - opaque 

Although I 've made lots of colour wheels and swatches in the past ...I decided it would be invaluable learning experience to start working again on the basic colour wheels  with combinations and variations of the three  primaries red + yellow + blue based on Maggie's initial colour tutorials... yesterday I systematically made about 15 small simple colour triangles to keep as references  .. are a few examples

cerl blue (W&N) + yellow orche( Maimeri) + Burnt Sienna  (W&N)

I've been re- reading a chapter on World of colour - Painting Triangles  "Watercolour Painting" by Jean Louis Morelle which is  fascinating . Nita's Leland's "Exploring Colour" and "confident COLOUR " are also both great reference books.

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Crystal Cook ha detto...

I had charts like that made up from all the paints I used, but I don't know what happened to them! They were so helpful to me.

Anonimo ha detto...

Jane….wow!! They are so fascinating aren’t they? I much prefer these than regular two-colour charts as you can see the complementary colours, analogous colours the warm and cool of the mixed primaries and of course how two pigments react based on variations of the three primaries. Will you post them to the Fb group page? Did you see that Nita joined our Fb group? Maybe she will have time to write a little feature on one aspect of colour if I ask very nicely. I love her Confident Colour book. Crystal…couldn’t help replying to your comment…. this is exactly why I suggest to my students to use binder size paper and keep everything in a two ring binder! Jane, how did you keep the circles so perfect?

Cynthia Schelzig ha detto...

What lovely triangles you made....I have been working on sorting out three color combinations but mine don´t look anything as neat as your pieces here...I guess I should try to clean them up:) I would love to be a part of the group but I have withdrawn from FB some time ago...tooo bad.

Karen Martin Sampson ha detto...

In art school, (like, a hundred years ago:-), we were taught the Munsell color method. It was tedious at first but I learned SO much from it and came to understand things about colour that I had had no clue of previously. One of my favorite painting techniques to this day is to take one colour and slowly have it transform over to another colour with little sign of the changes happening in between. It works for hue, chroma, and value and all various combinations and I never end up with "mud" as a result:-)

Vandy ha detto...

What a great set of colour triangles, Jane. I've not managed to start on Maggie's exercise yet, but you and Olivia have inspired me to get going.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

crystal ...i'm sure they are in-grained ... this exercise will be very useful .

hi there maggie is fascinating ..just posted one on FB ...will also post to my blog i hadn't seen nita had joined your group hope she writes an article her books are super circles ...very approx and quick maggiejust using a coin as a template to draw around ....thankyou again for starting the group maggie .

hi cynnie ...hope you can join in via your blog and linking back to maggie's blog..ask maggie

karen you are lucky to have studied colour in such depth.. your knowledge reflects in your work... i made myself sit down to do these they are very basic colour wheels ...i know i have so much to learn and explore with colour.

hi vandy it's a start ! i enjoyed doing these once i started looking foward to see your charts soon ... maggie is so generous to set up this group

M. Antònia ha detto...

Thank you to show us your colour exercices and share Maggy's blog. I'll try to learn more from all this.

Sketchbook Squirrel ha detto...

Whenever I buy a new colour I tend to mix charst to see how it will mix with my existing palette. Lately I charted lots of black shades and had lots of fun trying to get the right level of saturation.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

m.antonia ..hope you join in ciao jane

ss ..adding blacks can make some beautiful shades ...have some of your careful colour studies on a few of your posts .