lunedì 27 febbraio 2012

pungitoppo - butcher's broom

"pungitoppo" # 3
section of watercolour study 

"pungitoppo" # 3
watercolour study 
32 x 41 cm 
initial wash + cling film 

"pungitoppo"# 2 
 butcher's broom 
ruscus aculeatus
watercolour sketch painted from life no pencil 
 .....small simple sketch of  a single stem of  the everygreen scrub
  showing red berry and tiny  flowers of butcher's broom. 

"pungitoppo" # 1
initial watercolour study crop
32 x 41cm
initial wash salt + cling film 

....posting a few recent sketches and studies of butcher's broom  "pungitoppo" that grows wild in our garden and in the woods.

13 commenti:

Sketchbook Squirrel ha detto...

What a great technique to achieve the 'snowy' look. Butcher's Broom is such an unusual plant, I love it. The bright red of the berries gives a fantastic focus here.

Tito ha detto...

Un lavoro molto interessante come esecuzione e molto bello come risultato finale. Ciao Jane!

Sandra ha detto...

These are truly exquisite! I love the beautiful red diffused within those lovely greens. Gorgeous!

Noemí ha detto...

Una combinación de colores y un juego de agua muy bellos!

L.W.Roth, ha detto...

I became curious about your blog at the Studio At The Farm site; I noticed you had architecture as your "industry." I have been in architecture as well and started my blog to get away from drafting and try my hand at painting--loosely. I had to see your work. Very lovely--and still very articulate both your architectural paintings and your florals, a subject I chose for relief. Now I'm suddenly find my drawing again. Anyway, I'm your new follower. Happy painting. The Butche's broom paintings are beautiful. You're not a stranger to watercolor.

renate ha detto...

Hello Jane:) Love your pungitoppo's! Especially that nice green color. Very nice!

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

These are all so absolutely beautiful!! I just get lost looking into them.

Manuel Moyano ha detto...

excellent work of art !!!!

Lydie ha detto...

J'adore ce petit houx (Ruscus aculeatus), j'en ai aussi dans le jardin. Bonne idée que de décliner ainsi ce thème et belle réussite. Bravo !

Caroline ha detto...

Very fragile and delicate work Jane. You have such an individual style when you paint in watercolours.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

ss thankyou ... ... salt is fun to work with .

Tito grazie mille ...none of them are resolved but each one inspires the next study :)

sandra often there are not many berries but they are striking .. thankyou .

noemi thankyou very quick studies which generate ideas getting there ! ..need a few more studies yet .

l.w roth hello thankyou for following my blog i'm interested to see your paintings and dwg now !

renate thankyou glad you like the greens ..slightly different combinations in all .

katharyn ... thankyou for looking .

lydie it's also known as knee holly petit houx
very spiky !.. challenging to paint too .

caroline many thanks each study leads to another ..yet to resolve this one...thankyou for your kind comment.

Blaga ha detto...

So very beautiful, Jane! The colours, the light left to go through and the little contrasting berries... delightful!

Irina ha detto...

Simply beautiful!