giovedì 7 giugno 2012

fresh peas - piselli

"pea pod" 
section of  loose watercolour study WIP "fresh peas" 
painted from life 

"fresh peas"
32 x 41 cm  
watercolour study WIP 
painted from life

.....watercolour study of fresh peas from our vegetable garden  ... painting, picking ,shelling and cooking "risi bisi " rice and peas a traditional Venetian dish .

25 commenti:

Anns Art ha detto...

What a great seasonal painting.

Judy ha detto...

I love all the greens in these paintings! Breathtaking!

renate ha detto...

Hello Jane:) Wow, these are beautiful! I love the way the peas fit in the background. Lovely colors. I love it:)

Jane ha detto...

Superb !!

Sadami ha detto...

Hi, Jane,
Very beautiful, the feast of green.
Well, please invite me for dinner, too.
Cheers, Sadami

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

Jane, your pea pods are the quintessence of elegance. You have no idea how much I would love to spend a few days with you, seeing and learning how you paint.

VICTOR GATO ha detto...

Preciosos trabajos estos dos últimos. Muy sugerentes.

Carlos León ha detto...

Estupendos trabajos Jane! Apenas sugeridos.

Sergio DS ha detto...

Every day I come I learn something. Thanks.

VICTOR GATO ha detto...

Este nuevo camino, casi una aproximación a la abstracción en la misma gama de tonos, es muy bello.

Mari Jose Molina ha detto...

Hi Jane, beautiful work, the colors are so nice.. :)

Tito ha detto...

Inconfondibile il tuo tocco, bellissimi lavori Jane! Ciao.

Lydie ha detto...

Magnifiques tous ces verts qui mêlent. Je raffole des petits pois frais, c'est tellement bon, je m'inviterai bien aussi pour déguster ce repas avec toi :)

Sandra ha detto...

This is just perfect! :0)

Floriana Quaini ha detto...

Ciao Jane,
questo lavoro dà l'idea di qualcosa in embrione, che si sta formando e che sta emergendo da un non-luogo dove è stato sinora...una sorta di creazione...
Molto bello!
Ciao, ciao, Floriana

Sonia Aguiar ha detto...

¡Preciosas las dos acurelas!

Irina ha detto...

It could be some deep sea creature, mysterious. and cook-able, too.
I like your art so much!

minnemie ha detto...

Jane, this is marvelous! The subtle shape and shadow is just perfect.

Elvi ha detto...

Una fusione fantastica. Elvi

suzanneberry ha detto...

these are simply stunning jane!! i absolutely LOVE them both.

ashok ha detto...

too good!

JANE MINTER ha detto...

ann thankyou seasonal painting , seasonal cooking ...simple things in life.

judy glad you like the greens

thankyou renate ,,difficult to find the peas !

jane grazie mille

sadami invited :) "zucchine" appearing now ..thankyou

you paint beautifully katharyn thankyou .

carlos only just ! ..thankyou so much

victor thankyou for your kind comments .

sergio ds thankyou

thankyou mari jose

grazie mille tito

lydie they are delicious ! ..thankyou

floriana stopped here just appearing ...grazie

sonia thankyou !

irina :D could be ! thanks for looking

minnmie hope to work on a few more studies thankyou

elvi grazie mille

just one painting suzanne thankyou so very much .

ashok thanks for visiting and your comments .

Hilda R.B ha detto...

Truly beatiful works.
Greetings from Hilda

Fernando Pena ha detto...

Excelente Jane, me gusta mucho

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hilda your photography is inspiring ..thankyou

hi there fernando many thanks