venerdì 4 aprile 2014

watercolour on synthetic coated paper

mark making # vi 
black Schmincke
watercolour wash 
printing roller + PC gloss printing paper 

.....another small wash painted on plastic coated inkjet paper . The paint was applied with a brush and a printing roller .From a distance the pattern created reminds me of a night time view of a glass façade . The plastic  coated  surface of the printing paper is fascinating to work on .It appears to be very similar to working on Yupo and other synthetic papers - here's a link about synthetic paper on 
It would be interesting to develop this wash  by wiping/lifting off areas creating hard edges  and adding additional layers . 

7 commenti:

Sergio DS ha detto...

You´re an authentic D+I department, always experimenting.
I love this work.

AK ha detto...

Have never tried this type of paper. Am always scared of experimenting. But I guess that is the way forward. The pattern is beautiful. You can work on it. Might get some more surprises!

Chagua ha detto...

Ha conseguido unos resultados muy interesantes. Un método bastante atractivo. Saludos.

Rita Vaselli ha detto...

It 's always fascinating experiment! Your stunning work is beautifully coherent with your other works. Each surface can lead to new opportunities, but the hand of the artist is the only director of the event. Have a good weekend, Rita.

Judy ha detto...

Fascinating, Jane! The link to does not work but I imagine it is similar to yupo.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

Each experiment leads to another to experiment Sergio ....many thanks for always taking the time to comment .

AK i hope you do experiment ...I was surprised by the result and of this inkjet paper ...I!ve been teaching children in the last months watching them paint and their excitement is just fantastic .

Chagua ...changing the pressure of the print roller creates a pattern I could not paint with a brush ...I made several washes with this approach

JANE MINTER ha detto...

Rita ...grazie I could not find yupo locally so thought II would try inkjet photo paper which is coated with plastic polyethylene .... Lots to discover this was one of 50 small washes I made for a start ..... Read you post and link to Julie,s blog with interest re sealant for yupo paper ...thanks for the link . ...lots to learn .

Glad you like. It Judy ...never sure whether to post these swatches ...thanks for letting me know the link does not work