venerdì 2 maggio 2014

iPad art - photo manipulation

iPad art 
digital art image
photo manupulation  of watercolour study "notizie"- "news"

Based on "Creativity Workshop" : Beyond the Ordinary by artist Nicolas Simmons
 I've started to use the iPad  to manipulate photos of my watercolours . With "news"/ "notzie" I used  iPad's basic iPhoto App  to edit and create the digital image above.The next step will be to use this digital image and others to explore and generate ideas for new paintings .There is definately  a  lot of scope with this approach and a lot to learn. It's a brilliant design tool.


with special thanks to Nicholas Simmons      

8 commenti:

laura ha detto...

Very interesting, Jane! Thanks for the link.
(I've downloaded several drawing apps to my iPad but haven't really explored them yet: maybe for a future post.)

Jean Lurssen ha detto...

Very interesting. It must help with color combinations too before putting expensive paints to paper.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

look forward to that Laura :)...only just recently found Nick's article his approach is fascinating ... might get Abode photoshop App
David Hockney's exhibition "A Bigger Picture" made a lasting impression on me with his intergration of technology (iPad/ videos)with his art.

Lorraine Brown ha detto...

Great ideas for abstracting a subject for painting Jane as it incorporates all your original work too

Polly Birchall ha detto...

I find all this fascinating though I don't have an ipad. Will be interesting to see what you come up with.

Sergio DS ha detto...

Experimentas con todo, hasta con el arte virtual.
Me gusta.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

thanks for looking Sergio

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi jean we crossed post sorry i couldn't reply sooner... yes it's a great visual aid ...with lots of subtleties ...i need to play around more what i posted is very basic.

definately lots to learn from your own work with Nick's process " to stimulate new ways of thinking and seeing ".

Polly I love my sketch pad !... you don't need an iPad ... There are lots of alternative software ... Nick used Photoshop .