lunedì 19 marzo 2012

textures - watercolour + alcohol

"watercolour wash + alcohol "
Fabrinano 30.5 x 45.5cm


"watercolour wash + alcohol "

I have been experimenting with watercolour washes and alcohol this week the textures are interesting  ....this was a  wet in wet watercolour wash with 90% alcohol  added afterwards whilst the wash was still wet's fascinating to watch how the alcohol repels the water and how the pigments disperse  ...I liked the white circles which are formed by the drops of alcohol.. (.in other washes I squirted the alcohol )...I washed off one corner to see what would happen ... I  re-wet  sections then added alcohol again to see  what effect that would have and I also added pigment by splattering  . ..when you add the alcohol first it resists the water + pigment  as does wax . 

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Sandra ha detto...

What a beautiful effect it has! I had heard that white spirit makes for an interesting effect, but not alcohol - well, other than if you drink it before painting, lol! ;0)

L.W.Roth, ha detto...

This is very interesting Jane. I've only used alcohol with acrylics for removal purposes. Your experiments make me want to try a few myself. Good post.

renate ha detto...

Hello Jane:) It must have been a real surprise to see what came out. I love the washes and for sure will try them out myself!

Judy ha detto...

Interesting effects! The circles are quite intriguing!

Sadami ha detto...

Thank you for sharing the info and the result. This post gives me the idea how to use the left over wine in a fridge!

Anamaria do Val ha detto...

so interesting, Jane!Thanks for sharing your experience

Jane ha detto...

This is very interesting Jane, to try absolutely!

Sketchbook Squirrel ha detto...

What a fantastic effect with some fab textures. I have always been a bit nervous of adding things to watercolour but your experiments have been really intriguing.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

sandra :D! yet too try white spirits and turps ... thankyou!

linda thanks ...hope you try it..lots of different textures can be made adding salt water cling-film foil washing - up liquid ..lots more experimenting needed ...probably alittle alcohol could go along could get some very subtle effects ...thanks

renate got carried away here ..not sure about finished result but enjoyed it ... ..thanks for looking

sadami :)cheers a "red" would make beautiful paintings ... i just used cleaning alcohol here ..spirits would work too

anamaria so glad you got the 100 washes challenge cards ..thankyou

jane grazie ...changes greatly with application ..effects are fascinating ... hope you try

SS i really enjoy just watching what happens ... good just to experiment .... thanks

Christy ha detto...

Hi Jane, love this effect. It looks a lot like rice paper applied to the paint. The colors are so great also!

Lydie ha detto...

Surprising effects!

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi there christy i really like the effects thankyou.

lydie oui - merci !

Concetta Flore ha detto...

thank you Jane, that's so interesting!

JANE MINTER ha detto...

ciao concetta will catch up with your blog ... glad you found it interesting ...i'm sure you can get incredible effects with it.