venerdì 2 marzo 2012

colour theory - value charts and studies

value scale charts 
neutral tint (W&N)
canson montval

thumbnail value sketch #1  
Castello Giuletta
plein air 
canson montval

....following on from colour charts  I'm posting an initial value sketch (castle view  again) with value scale  charts below inspired by
Maggie Latham's next tuorial on values  "Exploring colour in watercolour" the next week I hope to paint lots more plein air studies /thumbnails will help me get to grips with challenging  hillside views here .

9 commenti:

Maggie Latham ha detto...

Jane, love the value sketch and charts. I think everyone will enjoy this aspect of Exploring Colour.

Anamaria ha detto...

Maggie is right, Jane, and your exercices are so good!

M. Antònia ha detto...

You're a good "pupil", and your work is good,too. I'll try to do these charts like you, and as Maggie tutorials.

Nora MacPhail ha detto...

There is a real beautiful soft smoky effect achieved in this painting. Wonderful!
Happy Plein-Air Painting!

Noemí ha detto...

Uno de los problemas fundamentales en pintura son los valores del cuadro. Considero muy importante tomarse el tiempo de estudiarlo haciendo escalas de valor en grises y en color.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

definitely think everyone will maggie ...thankyou again :)

anamaria know you are doing the exercises too ..they are invaluable

m.antonia hope you do ...i worked a cuple of hours on the charts and studies

thankyou nora ..have a good week painting .

you're right it's fundamental noemi ...landscapes are an on going challenge for me...ciao j

Theresa Evans ha detto...

Beautiful ... I really love the smoky mist in the middle distance and across the church.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi theresa ..thankyou need lots of practice ...played with a min variation of tones within the solid mass of the castle .

Irina ha detto...

You teach me to work hard and to value the basics. Thank you!