giovedì 29 marzo 2012

mono-printing with aluminium foil .

"aluminium foil  + wet on dry  watercolour wash  + drawing"
texture - aluminium swatch ii
20x50cm vangrow torchon
FUM + magenta 
foil lifted whilst wash was still wet .

"section of aluminium foil  + pencil  drawing" the watercolour wash above the aluminium foil was laid lightly  onto the  wet watercolour wash without pressing it down firmly  and I then drew quickly with a pencil on top of the foil  to see the effects. This time I took the the foil off whilst the wash was still wet to see what happened before the paper dried ... I like the random patterns which formed.
..... the textures change depending on the type of paper, how the foil is applied, length of time the foil is left and pressure applied on the foil.

....since my last post I've found a very good reference for mono - printing with aluminium   " 75 New + Classic Painting secrets of watercolour " book by Cathy Johnson shows clearly  it's application in background textures and incoporating textures into subjects such as rocks and buildings by imprinting....I've tried a few of the exercises...painting on crumpled foil and printing + folding foil + drawing on the foil ..below is an exercise inspired by Cathy's excercises

"watercolour wash + folded aluminium foil + drawing"
texture - aluminium swatch iii

....the small brown wash (blob) shows the pattern of aluminium foil folded into squares  applied lightly on a flat wash with  squares drawn  with a pencil on top of the foil .

imprint made  with residue of paint left on the reverse side of foil  of the wash above + light wash 

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Cynthia Schelzig ha detto...

I see you are having some major fun in your laboratory right now..mmmmm the top one is simply luscious!!...

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

Jane, I am enjoying seeing and reading about your experiments.

Diana ha detto...

Love this Jane, I've used reynolds wrap as well as plastic wrap too.. Love your effects.. Diana

Judy ha detto...

Fun experiments, Jane! I love them!

Jane ha detto...

Incredible what a piece of aluminium can do to a watercolor! Very interesting and beautiful results.

Crystal Cook ha detto...

Beautiful colors and textures Jane! And the process is So interesting. :)

Lydie ha detto...

Thank you for sharing your experiments. Very interesting!

Anonimo ha detto...

Experimenting is what makes us grow as artists. I love experimenting with texture. Like the result you got in the first one. Have you tried granulation medium?

Sandra ha detto...

It's amazing what beautiful effects can be acheived this way - and that you can draw over it too. I think it is even better than cling film! :0)

Sadami ha detto...

Wonderful result and a brilliant post! Thank you for sharing such precious info with us.
Kind regards,Sadami

JANE MINTER ha detto...

have been bombarding you with too many posts and experiments ... you guys are wonderful always leaving encouraging comments thankyou !!!

cynnie thankyou lots of fun table is not big enough !

katharyn glad you are ... thankyou

diana your paintings are exquisite..had to look up
reynold wrap ! ..i want to try wax paper too ...thankyou for your kind comment.

thanks judy enjoying these experiments.

ciao jane isn't it ... need to play around alot more to get to grips with it ....grazie mille

crystal the process is the best bit so far ...good to explore ...big thankyou

you're right ...i know you love experimenting with texture jean ..i haven't been able to buy granulation medium locally ..will have to get some...thankyou paper is smooth will try hot press too .

sandra it's fascinating ..drawing and making marks is very interesting ...hope you're making progress ..thankyou.

sadami many thanks ...i have done some print making in the past ..mono printing with watercolours is intriguing