lunedì 5 novembre 2012


" Façade"
designed by SAURBRUCH HUTTON architects 
 photos showing  glazed ceramic rods 
photos by JANE MINTER  NOV 2012 

....sharing a few photos I took of  the dynamic and innovative  façade of Museum Brandhorst which we visited this weekend . The design of the façade is considered as a work of art in itself.

 Photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto :

 the current exhibition "Revolution" shows a series of  incredible nocturnal seascape photos by photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto

Artist CY Twombly :
"The meaning of the work is in the doing of it"
CY Twombly

The museum houses a large collection of CY Twombly paintings which were fascinating to see

photo by JANE MINTER  NOV 2012 

5 commenti:

L.W.Roth, ha detto...

Fascinating videos Jane. The museum is a work of art in itself. I am familiar with Cy Twombly's work, but not Sugimoto's. Thanks for expanding my perspective.

Judy ha detto...

What a fascinating post, Jane! Thanks for sharing! I like the multicolored building!

John Simlett ha detto...

Interesting, thank you, Jane.

I'm not sure that I understand it all, being a dimmy, but interesting nevertheless

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi linda .. aesthetic and functional very inspiring trip...suigmoto's photos were the highlight for me.

judy we were lucky to have some sun whilst we were see the play of shadows ..hope you feel better now .

glad you found it interesting john .

renate ha detto...

Hello Jane:) Thank you so much for sharing these video's. Very interesting! I loved the colorful building and the paintings in the last video. Thanks for showing:)