domenica 25 novembre 2012

ivy seed head

"ivy seed head"
24 x 32cm 
watercolour study
painted from life  

.....the beautiful  clusters of ivy seed heads caught my eye this week  ...i'm posting an initial study of a single ivy seed head.

9 commenti:

Sadami ha detto...

Hi, Jane,

Cynthia Schelzig ha detto...

Simply stunnnning!!!

Irina Rekhviashvili ha detto...

Your sketches are always full with air and atmosphere. So personal, so special.

Elizabeth Seaver ha detto...

Gorgeous and dreamy,like they were in a gentle rain.

Verónica Guzmán ha detto...

Genial :)

renate ha detto...

Hello Jane:) You are so good at this. I love the softness of all your washes. Great job! Have a nice week:)

Pat ha detto...

Gorgeous work.

Judy ha detto...

They are so interesting, these seed heads. Love your painting, Jane!

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi sadami thankyou !

hi cynnie thanks so much .

hi irina good to see you back ...i love sketching from nature.

hi elizabeth thankyou for visiting my blog and your kind comment .

hi renate thankyou ..have a good week to .

hi pat thankyou !

hi judy they have a fascinating form i liked the greens and reds .. ...i love green flowers .