mercoledì 7 novembre 2012

olive branches

"olive branch i " 
watercolour study 
painted from life pencil

"black olives" 
close up of "olive branch i"
painted from life pencil

"olive branch ii" 
watercolour study
painted from life pencil

"black olive" 
close up of "olive branch ii"
 painted from life 

November marks the.time for olive harvest in Italy ....the olives are ripe and "olive picking season" has started ....posting a couple of  the watercolour studies of olive branches I painted this week  .

26 commenti:

L.W.Roth, ha detto...

While all are lovely, the last is my favorite. It has strength and speaks well of black olives, my favorite.

Anamaria do Val ha detto...

Beautiful studies, Jane!

ablanksheetofpaper ha detto...

These olive studies are really gorgeous, Jane - I love those hints of pink in the background, it really highlights the olives and makes them stand out.

Judy ha detto...

Truly beautiful, Jane! Your paintings are pure watercolour magic!

Tito ha detto...

Belli come sempre e come sempre inconfodibilmente tuoi! Un abbraccio.

Sergio DS ha detto...

Me gusta mucho el acabado de las olivas en húmedo, contrastando la débil y definida silueta de las hojas.
Precioso, de verdad.

Sonia Aguiar ha detto...

Son unas acuarelas delicadas y hermosas. Enhorabuena y un abrazo.

Blaga ha detto...

Both are very beautiful in your unmistakable gracious, clean and delicate style!

Sandra Busby ha detto...

Stunning Jane! Really beautiful :0)

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

Elegant as always, Jane. I love them, especially the second study.

John (JWJarts) ha detto...

Jane, you make these look so simple. Stunning!!!

jose antonio ha detto...

Fantastico trabajo, enhorabuena. Saludos.

renate ha detto...

Hello Jane:) I'm a great admirer of your beautiful washes. These are so beautiful. I love the close-up. Wonderful:)

Hedera ha detto...

Hello Jane, your studies are quite beautiful :)

Debbie Nolan ha detto...

Jane these olives are such great studies. So November is olive time in Italy...this is something I did not know. Do the olive bushes grow fairly tall? I have never seen them growing. I love them on salad and pizza here in the U.S. Take care and have a wonderful day.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi sandra thankyou ..hope you had a good trip !

hello katharyn thankyou for telling me which you like

thankyou john .. will paint more .

hi jose many thanks .

hi renate thankyou !

hedera your drawings are super ...thankyou

hi debbie thankyou ... it's wonderful to watch them collecting the olives with the nets ...olive trees can become very large

JANE MINTER ha detto...

thankyou linda ..i like that section too.

thankyou annamaria

thankyou dawn .. black olives have beautiful shades ..i used red + green for darks have a few more studies with stronger values ... did you decide to do the LAC course ?

hi judy glad your painting again ..glad you like these studies .

ciao tito very happy for you ..the covers look great ...grazie !

hi sergio thankyou very much for your kind comment

thankyou sonia :)

blaga thankyou !

John Simlett ha detto...

You make it look so easy, Jane :0)

What a lovely collection, so delicately beautiful.

ablanksheetofpaper ha detto...

Hi Jane - I have more or less (95%!) decided to do the course, just working out the best time to sign up and then to take the plunge. Regards Dawn

Laura Moore ha detto...

Jane these are gorgeous. You make it look so effortless as always. Take care.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

john + laura thankyou both ..there is a small olive co-operative locally the olive oil is delicious .

dawn enjoy the course .

Hilda R.B ha detto...

Beautiful series from you.
Thanks for sharing.
Greetings from Hilda

Marty ha detto...

oh Jane, these paintings are truly beautiful ! love your work

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi hilda many thanks :)

hi marty thankyou :)

Sharon Whitley ha detto...

all wonderful studies Jane!

Olga Díaz ha detto...

Preciosos y delicados estos trabajos.
Me gusta mucho tu estilo y el color.