venerdì 17 gennaio 2014

pots + pans - pentole

"pots + pans"
interior view - casa  i
watercolour sketch
painted from life no pencil

I'm keen to tackle simple interior views so I've  decided to  start at home "casa" .This low key sketch is of  a few of our cast iron and mild steel pots and pans hanging from the dark old timber beams in the kitchen . Each day the arrangement changes. 

20 commenti:

Sissel ha detto...

Soo lovely and poetically painted.

Sadami ha detto...

Yey, Mama Jane, your kitchen series returns! Hurray!!!
Cheers, Sadami

Katherine Thomas ha detto...

I'm so amazed at how you do this, painting from life with watercolors. You've achieved such a beautiful composition and blend of colors. It would have taken careful planning for me to do that. Wonderful work!

Blaga ha detto...

I like it a lot, the metal and wood so beautifully captured

Tito ha detto...

Mi ricorda un angolo della cucina di quando ero bambino.....troppo tempo fa purtroppo. Bellissimo lavoro, Jane. Ciao!

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

I like the idea of painting "casa" - look forward to seeing them! The pots and pans are rendered most sensitively.

Jane ha detto...

This is great jane, love the fusions of the colors.

Cath H.C Photographie ha detto...

joli peinture, Bon week-end- Cath.

Kat Farmer/van Hookens ha detto...

well done, you got a lovely shine on those pots, love these 'changing' subjects. This has a homely feel :-)

Lydie ha detto...

C'est une belle idée joliment peinte. Le modèle est toujours présent, c'est bien pratique. Bisous et bon week-end.

Lorraine Brown ha detto...

At first glance without reading your post first this appears an interesting abstract with its wonderful colour combinations and looseness. How clever you are Jane with your style

Double "D" ha detto...

I'm envious of the techniques and control you've gained through all of your experiments and openness to paint anything to expand your horizons. Well done Jane.

laura ha detto...

Love the sparks of white and the blue bottom.
Interiors are very appealing; I love Vuillard and Bonnard's, but when I look around my own home, I fail to find subjects! You make so much of a modest subject: it's inspiring.

Polly Birchall ha detto...

You have such wonderful control of your watercolours and the blending on these pans is superb

Judy ha detto...

I like this view in your kitchen, Jane! The light on the metal is beautiful!

Dan Kent ha detto...

The rust color shines! And the pans are exquisite in their dullness! Your color blending is masterful..

Jean Spitzer ha detto...

What a good idea. Love that you intend to follow them over time.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

good to see you sissel thank you .

constant inspiration sadami ciao mamma jane :)

just admired some of your incredbile drawing katherine ... it's a challenge working from life katherine alot of focus + flexiblity ...lots of practice

thanks blaga .. i was pleased with those two elements .

we're old fashioned tito ...siamo ancora vecchio stile tito ! buona domencia a te .

JANE MINTER ha detto...

thanks katharyn ...a start ...moving the easel around ..lost it with the bg .

thanks jane glad you like the colours

merci cath

very practical lydie thanks these pans !

hi there kat many thanks ..lots variations :) ...see you're sketching lots.

thanks lorraine ...hope to see more watercolours on canvas from you

so good to see you back painting doug ... keep experimenting... not happy with the end result here but getting there :) thank you

JANE MINTER ha detto...

laura every interior is interesting ...looks like you've found lots of inspiration with your beautiful still lifes ...thank you ...vuillards fantastic .

thank you polly good luck with your A - Z sketches :)

thanks judy :)

dan thanks ...very dark subject

thanks for looking jean .