venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

textures - watercolour + bubbles

watercolour + washing up liquid 

"watercolour + washing up liquid"
FONTENAY cansons 

  1.  Here I simply added watercolour to the fine  foam ( washing up liquid + water ) in the sink  . 
  2.  A sheet of paper was laid over the top of the fine bubbles .
  3.  As the bubbles burst a delicate  imprint of the bubbles was left on the paper - some of the bubbles burst on the paper .  Hopefully the photos show this . This pattern reminded  me of the pattern of  flox glove petals.
  4.  The paper was left to dry  .. The effects vary with the type and quality of the paper..... here I used Canson Fontenay 300g/m2 . (I could have carried  on working on this whilst it is still wet ) .

"watercolour + washing up liquid"
blowing bubbles with straw and printing on paper
PRINTING  paper 

  1. A mix of watercolour pigment + washing up liquid + water  in a container were blown with a straw  to create a mass of large bubbles . 
  2.  A sheet of paper was laid over the top of the bubbles ( the pattern will vary with the placement of the paper  and type of paper - there are  lots of options to play with  you can place the whole sheet or just part over the bubbles.  Moving  the paper whilst the bubbles burst is also interesting . ) 
  3.  As the bubbles burst a delicate random  imprint of the bubbles was left on the paper - some  bubbles  burst on the paper . Hopefully the photos above show this and the variation of the imprint . The images are very pale (more pigment can be added if a darker value is required .)
  4.  The paper is left to dry  . The effects vary with the type and quality of the paper. . Here I used a smooth good quality printing paper which worked well I also used a fine cardboard with a smooth surface that made very fine prints .( I'm looking for an economical solution to work with children . It would be interesting to hear from anybody who has tried a variety of papers.)
  5. Beautiful effects can be achieved repeating the process with the superimposition of the bubble patterns.

"watercolour + washing up liquid"
superimpostion of bubbles on paper 
PRINTING  paper 

  1.  Above I placed the residue of the bubble mix  (watercolour + washing up liquid and water ) onto a few of the swatches I made above. The organic patterns are fascinating . You can charge the bubbles with other colours and bubbles whilst the bubbles are drying on the paper . An alternative which kids love is to  blow the bubble mixture with colour onto paper and watch the bubbles burst on the paper.

more bubbles! ...exploring a few different techniques and applications to create textures with bubbles and watercolour  .

25 commenti:

RH Carpenter ha detto...

How interesting! I wonder what the washing liquid will do, in the long run? Beautiful photo and beautiful textures.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

it is rhonda... i wonder too ...esp with all textures salt gravel foam etc...thank you

laura ha detto...

I'd heard of people adding dish soap to their paints ... very interesting.
Is that first image a photo or a painting? Either way, it's very pretty!

Chagua ha detto...

Son muy interesantes estos experimentos. Un saludo.

Laura Moore ha detto...

Catching up with what you have been up to Jane. Congrats on the SAA article. Loving the experimentation with creams and liquids. Tried washing up liquid before but maybe not enough as didn't get your effects. Will have to try again. Fab pans and clip board. Great neutrals in those. Boy you have been busy. Take care. xx

Beatriz Abel ha detto...

Es increíble esta acuarela, los reflejos , la transparencia del modelo, hermoso trabajo!

Jane ha detto...

A fabulous bubble ! Have a nice weekend.

Catharina Engberg ha detto...

Maybe we should write to a company that makes the pigments and see if they know about what happens in the long run. Because this is so beautyful, would like to use it in my watercolours! Thanks for showing! Take care :)

Sergio DS ha detto...

I´m learning a lot of new techniques with you.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

photo laura :) a large bubble my daughter made... blowing bubbles directly on the paper makes beautiful marks as does laying the paper over the bubbles .

thanks chagua ...hope you had a good sketch crawl .

hi laura many thanks ...i will be teaching 2-3 year olds in the next few months so lots of experimenting and fun !

beatriz thank you ...the bubble is a photo :)

...have a good w-e too jane :D

sergio thank you lots of known techniques used by many artists ...good to explore.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

catharina hope you do try ...yes it would be interesting to get feed back from them and and other artists was rhonda's first question ...the residue of soap is min as the bubbles burst but i'm sure with time there might some reaction

AK ha detto...

Thanks for sharing this Jane. Must give it a try.

Tito ha detto...

Ciao Jane, sempre interessante passare di qui. Belli gli effetti ma prima di provare, mi piacerebbe saperne di più. E' tutto già molto complicato cosi. Abbraccio.

JANE MINTER ha detto...
Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.
JANE MINTER ha detto...

ciao tito ...just added notes ...hope that helps . i'm just starting to explore this have made lots and lots of swatches .... didn't want to add too much here ...just to give an example...lots of possibilities

Blaga ha detto...

How interesting! I love exploring the results of your brave experiments!

Sandra Busby ha detto...

Wow, these are wonderful effects! :0)

Christiane Kingsley ha detto...

Fascinating! I will have to try this. Thank you for sharing.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

blaga sandra + christiane (hope you do try) it's good to re - visit techniques like this ... both my daughters loved this ...lots of fun ... can see lots of possibilities just making these swatches.

Dani ha detto...

Espectacular trabajo Jane muy interesante ,unas texturas muy bonitas, saludos.

Jean Spitzer ha detto...

Interesting. Wonder too what time will do to these.

Meera Rao ha detto...

These are beautiful! I did these a few years ago in a class and since then had forgotten about it:( thank you so much for posting this !!!!

Theresa Evans ha detto...

These look fabulous Jane. I've never tried adding soaps to my paint but I'll definitely give it a go. The textures are lovely!

JANE MINTER ha detto...

dani thank you

thanks jean ... will see ... in some mono - printing processes they use soap ...small amount of residue might be ok

hi meera good to see you thanks for looking .

the textures are great theresa ...enjoy !

Laura Moore ha detto...

Just read your reply Jane. How adorable playing watercolours with 2-3 year olds. That definitely is starting them young. You probably need an apron or three then. I used to work in a Nursery for a time and painting sessions were always messy but such fun. Enjoy!!!