domenica 7 novembre 2010

autumn colours - leaf study i

autumn leaf  study i
one leaf painted from life  with two real leaves placed beside it as reference

watercolour moleskine sketchbook

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Debbie ha detto...

Jane, I love this autumn study... I especially like the composition with the real leaves.. you should do another with all three on a page..... *****

SKIZO ha detto...


Sadami ha detto...

Dear Jane,
Oh, so beautiful and impressive! I'd like to arrest you robbery charge of autumn.
Cheers, Sadami
Dear Jane,
Oh, così bella e imponente! Mi piacerebbe arresto si carica rapina dell'autunno.
Cheers, Sadami

Carol ha detto...


Crystal Cook ha detto...

Wow, those are beautiful jane! :)

Nick ha detto...

wow, are those real leaves on there, or painted?

MILLY ha detto...

Beautiful Jane, you have such a lovely style. The leaves are fantastic here, been painting some too.

Jeanette ha detto...

Lovely colours Jane. It makes me wonder what is real and what is not.

carlos diez ha detto...

Wonderful work Jane, good composition. The leafs seems to be real. Well executed watercolour. COngratulations.

Susan Liles ha detto...

Beautiful! Bottom right leaf looks so real!

jane minter ha detto...

next one 3 leaves :D !..had to stop there .... thankyou debbie

skizo thankyou for looking

sadami thankyou ..must be summer there.

carol thankyou so much

crystal thankyou only one is painted with the bg .

"collage" painted.. two real ... thankyou nick !

milly love book of oak leaves and acorns ..thankyou for your kind comment.

jeanette glad you like the colours lots of incredible patterns and textures to try and capture .... thankyou

carlos thankyou ..i placed two real ones next to the one i painted ( green and yellow one on the lhs of the screen) as reference .

susan it is real ..i'm sorry will add a note ! thankyou.

marty ha detto...

a very beautiful painting ! the
colours are gorgeous !

Sandra ha detto...

This is beautifully done Jane! I had to look twice to tell which was the painting!


Jane, que delicadeza toda tu obra la admiro profundamente.

Elvi ha detto...

Una composizione molto interessante e molto bella. Elvi

jane minter ha detto...

marty thankyou ... i love the strong yellows with the greens .

sandra thankyou :) ..the leaves are disappearing quickly with all the rain we have had .

flor thankyou so much for your lovely comment ...enjoyed painting this small leaf.

elvi grazie mille .