venerdì 26 novembre 2010

chinese lattern

"chinese lattern" 
work in progress 

"an initial wash"      +     " chinese lattern"

1/4 sheet Arches cold press 300g part of my course work i've been experimenting with bright washes and night time scenes
here's an intial study i've made of a chinese lattern .  

26 commenti:

Irina ha detto...

I am learning from your posts. About lamp's light in the dark this time. Great.

graziano tessarolo ha detto...

Davvero interessante e bello questo work in progress.
Ciao Graziano

Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie ha detto...

Wonderfu blog and love your work!!

Tito ha detto...

Bellissima questa lanterna cinese, fantastici i colori e la luce. Ciao Jane.

Theresa Evans ha detto...

So beautiful and delicate.

Crystal Cook ha detto...

Jane, this is absolutely stunning! Truly it is. Wow, I'm speechless. :)

Karen Martin Sampson ha detto...

As always, I just LOVE what you paint! This is glorious.

devotedmomof7 ha detto...

This is definitely my new favorite of yours! You've beautifully captured the delicacy of the lantern and the glow of the light! Spectacular!!

Ann Buckner ha detto...

Just wonderful work, Jane. I so enjoy your work.

Cristina ha detto...

E' così interessante vedere le diverse fasi del tuo lavoro: mi rendo conto che ho così tanto da imparare ancora sulle stesure iniziali! Questa lanterna è veramente delicata, e nello stesso tempo intensa! Ciao!

MG ha detto...

Ms. Minter,

As always beautiful and inspiring work. Always excited to see a new post with your work.

Elvi ha detto...

Bellissimi i colori e l'evanescenza di questa lanterna. Elvi

jane minter ha detto...

hi irina i'm happy you are ...i'm also learning alot from bloggers and by blogging.

ciao graziano devo provare altri approacci , grazie

hi cynnie thankyou ! will enjoy following your blog .

ciao tito grazie-mille ho trovato questo impegnativo.

theresa thankyou so much it's very tentative..looking foward to seeing your washes.

hi crystal thankyou ... messed up the timing on the bg wash at the bottom .

hi karen good to see you ... big thankyou ! ...will explore more with underpainting and night scenes .

cheryl really :) a night scene is my last assignment for my course work's challenging so thankyou for your encouragement... means alot .

ciao cristina grazie ! anche io ho tanto di imparare :)

hello ann thankyou ..enjoying following your portraits

hi MG thankyou for your kind comment.

ciao elvi grazie mille provrà un altro con pui aqua .

Cobalt Violet ha detto...

Every time I go on to your blog I find myself gasping and speaking aloud to my computer! "Oh my word!" "Oh my Gosh!"

A study? that is a work of art. It is exquisite! I am not exaggerating. Stun-ning. LOVE the lantern. You should sell cards for those of us who can't afford to buy art right now!

You are amazing.

Sadami ha detto...

Dear Jane,

jane minter ha detto...

hi lucinda THANKYOU ! :) ...making a few cards at the moment for my family for christmas starting to look at options ...haven't sold any of my paintings to date.

dear sadami have enjoyed looking at your sketches as always thankyou .

Carlos León ha detto...

Great Jane!!

Sandra ha detto...

Absolutley beautiful!

jane minter ha detto...

hi carlos big thankyou !

hello sandra many thanks .

Noemí ha detto...

Very beautiful! and instructive. ; )

A Brush with Color ha detto...

Oh, wonderful! I love this, and it's great to see your initial wash here.

JaneAlexandra ha detto...

This watercolour is beautiful. I love to see how you progressed from the abstract wash to the final painting. Gorgeous.

Christiane Kingsley ha detto...

Jane, I love this! What a beautiful glow you have achieved.

jane minter ha detto...

noemi thankyou :) working on another nightscene now .

hi sue thanks so glad you like it.

hello jane thanks so much for visiting my blog and your kind comment .

hi christiane thankyou... enjoy your first week full-time painting !

Jala Pfaff ha detto...

Reminded me of a jellyfish.
I bet you'd do a fabulous jellyfish.

jane minter ha detto...

jala you know it reminds me of one too ! ...have quite a few photos of jelly fish :) will see !... thankyou