domenica 7 novembre 2010

ONE HUNDRED WASHES challenge blog

Maggie Latham had a wonderful idea to start  ONE HUNDRED WASHES challenge blog  along with other artists  i decided to join this challenge which started this month ..... i wanted to mention the blog here and add a link .... which i hope you visit  .....i've added a  link on my blog list  and i'll post my washes as and when i paint them on the  page "one hundred washes"  which you can find at the top of my blog......thought i'd post my first wash here with a quick "plein air" wash i painted this summer ..... if you would like to join in with the challenge please contact Maggie

wash # 1
"flat wash" - colbalt blue - squirrel mop size 10

"plein air" wash
Croatian coast - summer 2010
watercolour moleskine sketchbook

5 commenti:

Sandra ha detto...

What an original idea! :0)

Crystal Cook ha detto...

That is a great idea. And I think your washes look beautiful. :)

Sadami ha detto...

Dear Jane,
Great! I admire your challenging spirit. I sincerely hope you will make it come true. Go, go, Jane!!
Cheers, Sadami

Olivia ha detto...

Jane, wonderful plein air wash !

jane minter ha detto...

sandra and crystal it's a really great idea maggie had ... sadami WIP no dead-line :) enjoying the challenge ... olivia thankyou glad you're back :)