martedì 3 gennaio 2012

antique iron i - cast iron flat iron

"cast iron  flat iron" 
"No 8"
Fabriano 300g/m2
watercolour study painted from life
 30.5 x 45.5cm

....watercolour study of a simlple cast iron "flat iron"  or "sad iron" ....a beautiful object in it's own right .
Flat irons can been seen in both paintings of
 Edgar Degas Women at Work "Women Ironing"  19th century and  Picasso's "Woman Ironing" 1904.

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RH Carpenter ha detto...

My grandmother, who I've been thinking about a lot, had one of these - I think she had kept it from the time when she actually used it (or perhaps her mother did). It always propped open the front door in the summer, but perhaps was a constant reminder of her earlier days. This is lovely and brought back memories for me.

jane minter ha detto...

my grandmother also used an old iron similar to this one as a "door stop" rhonda :) prehaps that's why i wanted painted it ...this one is used as a door aswell ! glad you like it .

Irina ha detto...

I painted it at my drawing class. So today my first reaction was - I know this guy, but when did I meet it?

Cynthia Schelzig ha detto...

lovely Jane....does remind me of my grandma too:) Happy New Year!!

Sandra ha detto...

What a lovely sketch.
Thank you so much for your kind words about our dog, Codi. They meant so much.
I wish you a happy, healthy New-Year :0)

David Burge ha detto...

Jane, you've been so industrious . You make me feel like I've been very lazy!(t'is true)
Great work all round!

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

Jane, this is awesome - so simple yet so much quietly happening. I think I must try my hand at these wash studies.

Juan Valdivia ha detto...

sencilla y sugerente. Con toda la magia de la acuarela.

Elvi ha detto...

Sai che ne ho ancora uno? Sono stupendi questi ricordi. Elvi

Pat ha detto...

Lovely! Especially love the flash of blue at the top - masterful!

Theresa Evans ha detto...

Beautiful .. you've really captured its 'aged' look and even its weight but with such a light airy touch. Clever!

suzanneberry ha detto...

beautifully done jane! i love the splash of blue. lovely!

jane minter ha detto...

irina bet you know it well now :) ... it's interesting to draw and paint .

cynnie happy new year to you ... found another 2 irons today :)

sandra take good care .. happy new year to you too .

david thanks for your kind comment...i paint everyday would love to paint all day if i could :)...there are hours of incredible work on your blog.

katharyn thanks so much ... hope you do.

juan many thanks for you kind words

elvi :) sono d'accordo sono i ricordi piu' preziozo .

pat glad you like the blue .

theresa glad you think it works ...painted this after having made a couple of studies with heavy initial washes ..washing off and playing with textures .. still adding layers to one study ... changed direction on this study the paper has a lovely texture with dry brush.

hi suzanne congratulations on having your ant painting mentioned on making a mark ... glad your back painting now ..thankyou .

A Brush with Color ha detto...

Oh, beautiful, Jane! I used to have one like this that I used as a bookend. So rich!

jane minter ha detto...

sue thankyou ! just finished a painting of a charcoal /box iron ..also found one with a chimney

Dee Doyle ha detto...

Jane, I just love this one, and, when I read the comments from others, I have to admit it evoked the same kind of nostalgia in me about my grandmother. I HAVE two of her old irons, so now you [and the others with their grandmother comments] have inspired me to try to paint them. Thanks!

JANE MINTER ha detto...

dee each old iron has it's own story and holds memories ... look foward to seeing your iron paintings ..thanks so much for your lovely comment .