sabato 7 gennaio 2012

antique iron ii - box iron - charcoal iron

"charcoal iron" or "box iron"
antique iron ii 
30.5 x 45.5 cm 
Fabriano 300g/m2
initial watercolour study painted from life  

9 commenti:

Blaga ha detto...

The flat iron is lovely in its simplicity. This one tells a story... or many stories :) Beautiful watercolor

Lydie ha detto...

You make us a fine series with those old irons !

renate ha detto...

Hi Jane. As much as I loved that other iron, this one is even nicer! Very well done!

Jane Minter ha detto...

blaga lydie + renate ..i appreciate so much each of your comments... thankyou.

Sandra ha detto...

It's clever how you have even managed to make the painting its self look aged. Wonderful :0)

Olivia ha detto...

Jane, you tell us stories with your watercolor world. I love that. That reminds me my grand mother. I loved her so much... Bises.

John (JWJarts) ha detto...

This painting, like your previous one, oozes of bygone days. Love it!!

Judy ha detto...

Wonderful painting, Jane!

Jane Minter ha detto...

sandra ...enjoyed playing around with all the textures ...hit and miss ... thanks for looking.

olivia ..:) merci will have to paint a contemporary one too ! ciao

john ... many thanks painted another one today.

judy thankyou !