lunedì 9 gennaio 2012

antique iron iii - chimney iron - charcoal iron

"chimney iron" 
antique iron iii
30.5 x 45.5 cm 
Fabriano 300g/m2
watercolour study painted from life 

.....posting another study of an antique iron  the last of the three antique irons .... the "chimney  iron"  has a  practical design but looks quite perculiar with the funnel. 

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Hilda R.B ha detto...

Beautiful work! My grandmother use this for her clothes.
Have a nice week.
Greetings from Hilda

RH Carpenter ha detto...

Another beautiful painting - this one has such a strange shape to it, I imagine it was fun to get the shape right :) You must have a lot of these antique irons (or else visited an antique shop to get photos).

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

Utterly elegant! Love your simple works, and you have no idea how much I would love to be sitting there beside you, watching how you do it! And being back in Italy would be a dream-come-true, too! :)

John (JWJarts) ha detto...

Last, but definitely not least!!! What a superb set of paintings the irons are.

Jane Minter ha detto...

my husband's nonna (grandma) used this one :) thanks hilda .

thankyou rhonda odd shape isn't it this case i sketched a freehand outline in pencil .. i work alot without initial pencil sketch ...these are on loan from my daughters' nonna.

how long were you in italy for katharyn ? ...thanks for your kind words .

thanks so much john ..everyone is probably tried of seeing old irons ! ...have lots of ideas with irons still ..hope to focus on more sets /series this year.

Christy ha detto...

wow, I love the solid felling this has to it but yet still soft design. Nice Jane!

Jane Minter ha detto...

hi there christy thankyou :) ... they are very solid !!!

Laura Sanz Masdeu ha detto...

really beautifull Jane!!

Laura ha detto...

Ciao Jane,
complimenti per i tuoi bellissimi lavori e per il tuo blog :)
Buona serata

A presto

nuova follower :)

Jane Minter ha detto...

ciao laura grazie thankyou ... see you like all things old from your blog... ... jane

Jane Minter ha detto...

oh thankyou laura

ciao laura grazie thankyou ... see you like all things old from your blog... ... jane

Anonimo ha detto...

I always love the way you use soft and hard edges in your watercolors. An interesting subject for this one. I'm guessing the chimney was for the steam to escape. You captured the look of the old so well too.

Jane Minter ha detto...

thankyou jean ...i've read that the charcoal irons were smokey so the invention of the spout helped with smoke , smell and inturn provided a draft to keep the burning coals burning longer ...the sheild and timber handle also were a great improvement from the flat irons .