venerdì 6 gennaio 2012

garlic - aglio

"garlic i"
garlic head watercolour study 
30 x 34 cm Fabrinano

"garlic ii" 
garlic gloves watercolour wash 
32 Xx 41cm Canson Fontenay

...a couple of watercolour  still life studies painted  from life  ...should have reserved more of the whites in the garlic head "garlic i"  .... might add some white ...some garlic heads are  quite brown ... broke the garlic head and made a quick and simple wash  "garlic ii" using the same palette and working on a much smoother paper . 

10 commenti:

renate ha detto...

Wow, Jane! They are both so beautiful soft painted. You should frame them together. Those colors are so nice!

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

Love them both, Jane! I so admire your simple washes.

Judy ha detto...

Both are beautiful! You make something pretty from a simple garlic head!

Katrina ha detto...

Jane, You are the master of subtleness. I like both of these, the color palette is just right.

Lydie ha detto...

All these colors on these heads of garlic, very nice.

John (JWJarts) ha detto...

Very, very nice. I see what you mean about reserving more white but I don't think it detracts from the end result.

carlos diez ha detto...

Wonderful studies, soft, fine, it is like a poetry to the garlic.

A Brush with Color ha detto...

wonderful--garlic never looked so elegant!

Pat ha detto...

Beautifully painted, love your colour choices xx

jane minter ha detto...

renate glad you like them both thankyou .

katharyn many thanks .

judy good practice ..thankyou

katrina thankyou... thought i'd messed up the top one completely after the second wash ...just kept playing with it.

lydie thankyou ...merci !

thanks john much appreciated ... will paint another one

carlos thankyou so much for your kind words .

sue :) ! thankyou

thankyou pat ..glad you like the colours .